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Hakkoda - coalesce snowflake - Thumbnail
July 12, 2024
Here’s how Coalesce and Snowflake pair to make data management easy, scalable, and more powerful than ever.
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Case Studies
July 10, 2024
Learn how Transbank was able to monetize data products in two months and expand its TAM by $250B with an...
Case Studies
Hakkoda - Gen AI use cases - Thumbnail
July 9, 2024
Learn how to identify the hardest hitting Gen AI use cases for your organization and see more robust returns on...
what is a tre answered
July 3, 2024
Using the built in capabilities of Snowflake and Streamlit, manage your Trusted Research Environments efficiently and securely.
data integration tool explained
June 27, 2024
Learn how to use the data vault as an engineering pattern to standardize and synthesize disparate data: your ultimate data...
snowflake cortex explained
June 24, 2024
A survey of 500 Director to C-level data leaders revealed that 85% of organizations plan to leverage generative AI tools...
ai in healthcare
June 24, 2024
Discover how to leverage AI in healthcare with robust data governance. Join this webinar to learn actionable strategies.
Generative AI data tools
June 21, 2024
Education, government and healthcare lag behind all other industries in Gen AI deployment.
gen ai
June 19, 2024
Learn from top performers in the AI arms race with responses from 500 data leaders in this year's Generative AI...

State of Data Report 2024

In Hakkoda’s State of Data 2024 report, we surveyed 500 data leaders from large organizations across eight major industries to categorize participants into four unique stages of data maturity, identify key focuses and themes for the years ahead, and pinpoint investment opportunities for businesses at every stage of the data innovation journey.

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