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Why Hakkōda AI?

Our engineers specialize in some of the most highly regulated industries in the world. Whether you’re a financial institution dealing with sensitive data or a healthcare organization ensuring HIPAA compliance, discover secure, well-governed enterprise AI solutions that automate without risk.

Work with a network of innovators who understand the true potential, capabilities, and pitfalls of generative AI for your enterprise organization. It might be your first time diving into the world of AI, but with an experienced Hakkoda AI team at your side, you can act confidently at the forefront of technology.

You shouldn’t have to re-invent the wheel, or in this case, the artificial intelligence. Hakkoda makes strategic investments in crucial technology, automation, and tooling so that you don’t have to. When you work with Hakkoda, gain access to AI co-pilots and LLMs that jump start your journey to innovation.

Generative AI won’t function in a vacuum. Unlock access to custom built integrations between the technology you already use. From Snowflake, to Sigma, Matillion, Fivetran, AWS, Coalesce, Immuta, and more…Hakkoda’s AI teams are trained experts in the modern data stack, and they know exactly how your technology should play together.

Generative AI
The intelligence is artificial.
The results are real.

Use Cases

AI Consulting for a New Era

Data Cleaning and Preprocessing

  • Anomaly detection Identify errors, gaps, or inconsistencies in text data.

  • Text normalization Convert different forms of text into a standard format, such as changing abbreviations or synonyms to a standard term.

  • Semantic mapping Translate free-text terms to standard codes or vocabularies.

Data Cataloging

  • Automatic tagging Use NLP to automatically tag or label datasets based on their content.

  • Metadata extraction Extract metadata from unstructured data sources automatically.

  • Dataset summarization Generate brief summaries or overviews of large datasets.

Querying and Access

  • Natural language querying llow users to search databases using natural language queries instead of SQL or other formal querying languages.

  • Data exploration Assist in uncovering patterns, correlations, and insights from vast datasets through semantic understanding.

Documentation and Metadata Generation

  • Auto-documentation Automatically generate documentation for databases, data lakes, or pipelines.

  • Sentiment analysis On feedback about data products or tools, to understand user sentiment and improve systems accordingly.

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Processes

  • Text extraction Extract structured information from unstructured or semi-structured sources, such as scraping text data from web pages or extracting entities from documents.

  • Transformation logic explanation Convert complex transformation logic into human-understandable descriptions or visualizations.

Schema Matching and Integration

  • Entity matching Identify and link the same entities across different datasets.

  • Semantic schema matching Link database schemas based on semantics rather than just structural or syntactic similarity.

Data Governance and Compliance

  • Sensitive data detection Identify sensitive information in datasets, such as Personal Identifiable Information (PII), to ensure compliance.

  • Policy enforcement Check datasets and data operations against natural language policies to ensure adherence.

Knowledge Graphs and Ontology Creation

  • Entity and relationship extraction Populate knowledge graphs by extracting entities and their relationships from text.

  • Ontology augmentation Expand or refine existing ontologies based on new textual information.

Automated Data Lineage Discovery

  • Trace data origins Understand where data comes from and its journey through various systems.

  • Explain data lineage Convert complex data lineage graphs into human-understandable narratives.

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