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Be the reason your organization leads your field for decades to come. With Hakkōda as your partner, you can bring data-driven innovation, automation, and new opportunity to your business.

Innovation is built on data.

When your organization’s data is sorted, categorized, and accessible, chaos becomes order. Patterns emerge and insights reveal themselves, paving the way for innovative breakthroughs.

"Hakkōda's unique delivery model and deep expertise in data engineering allowed us to get value from the relationship in a matter of days. They're helping us use Snowflake in the way it was intended."

— Chuck Sample, VP of Analytics and Data Science at US Foods

Good data needs good talent.

Creating order from chaos requires vision and discipline. Hakkōda brings over 150 years of combined experience to the fore, with scalable tools and teams to fit your precise needs.

Data Strategy & Architecture
Data Engineering
Machine Learning
Data Governance
Data Quality
BI and Data Analytics

“Talent is a gating factor to data driven innovation. We’ve built Hakkōda to bring the talent, the technology and the techniques and provide it in a way that empowers our clients. Not just a modern data stack, but a modern data team.”

— Erik Duffield, Hakkoda Founder and CEO

Industries built on innovation.

When we can see the full data picture, we can identify patterns, derive insights, and find better ways to do the things we care about. Nowhere has this been more apparent than our work in healthcare and financial services.

Begin your Data Innovation Journey.

Progress follows patterns. Based on experience, we’ve classified data maturity into four stages from Chaos to Innovation.

With Hakkoda, you’ll know where you are and what’s next.

From chaos comes order, from order comes insight, and from insight comes innovation.

Our Data Innovation Journey is a simple assessment that shows where you are between chaos and innovation, and helps us chart a course for you to modernize your data stack, architecture, and processes.

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