Build Your Dream Team.
Scale Up Or Scale Down On Demand.

Hakkoda provides a scalable team of dedicated Snowflake experts that are always ready to go. So that you always have the right team at the right moment.

Realize the true power
of your data Faster.

Hakkoda’s experts accelerate the most tedious parts of working with data: data wrangling and data prep, so you can feed the decisions and applications that drive your business and create the next big thing.

Get your
data house in order.

Data can be messy and expensive. Hakkoda can help you assess the true cost of your analytic programs and evolve your architecture, governance and pipelines with efficient modern data practices that stick.

Experiment and Innovate.
Funded by Hakkoda.

We know first-hand that technology isn’t the biggest obstacle to innovation -- it’s getting the budget to experiment. With Hakkoda, you earn Innovation Credits, which you can use to experiment and test your craziest ideas… on us!



Welcome to a whole new way of thinking about talent. Good talent is hard to find. Exceptional talent is even harder.

Don’t just transform your technology, transform how things are getting done. Our on-demand and a la carte pool of Snowflake specialists allows you to scale up and scale down when you need to. No matter where you are in your data journey, we can help — migration, data architecture and engineering, governance, analytics, machine learning and app development. Hakkoda’s got your back.


Get your data house in order and keep it that way.

Discover the true potential of your Snowflake investment with Snowflake Concierge from Hakkoda. Onboarding, governance, enablement and training that accelerates and protects the value of your cloud data platform so that you can concentrate on looking forward instead of back.


Usable data doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Automate data pipelines.

Hakkoda helps you navigate the shift from human to machine decisioning by getting your data house in order so you can deliver true value to your business. Now you can realize the power of analytics, machine learning and rich data applications, sooner.


More data. Less code.

Put your data to work with no-code apps. We create enterprise-grade apps with higher quality and lower costs than traditional application development. 


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