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Our partners build technologies that revolutionize the way businesses use data to build better products and relationships. We help our clients tap into their offerings to amplify their impact and see results faster.


We’re 100% SnowPro certified

Snowflake is the leading cloud data platform enabling the Data Cloud – where organizations can mobilize data with near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance. Organizations migrate to Snowflake in droves to automate data pipelines and workloads, access and visualize data & business intelligence, drive data analytics and data science, and share and monetize data.


  • Scalability to meet usage needs
  • Runs on any cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Data Marketplace
  • Consumption-based pricing
  • Security and governance/HIPAA compliant

By innovating cloud-native data integration, Matillion seeks to make the world’s data useful. Matillion’s low-code or no-code design patterns help speed the workflow process, are built specifically for the platforms they support, and incorporate enterprise security, scalability and portability from the ground up.

  • Quick time-to-value and easy to deploy
  • Multi-cloud platform support and 100% push-down ELT architecture
  • Consumption-based pricing model

Sigma is a cloud-native business intelligence solution that unlocks data's value by delivering cloud-scale analytics and BI with simplicity and high usability. Built to leverage Snowflake data, data professionals and business users can quickly explore, visualize and collaborate with their data.


  • Created specifically for Snowflake users
  • The power of fully modernized BI and the user experience of Excel
  • Infinitely scalable while accessible to the business user
  • Cultural alignment with Snowflake and Hakkoda

Fivetran mobilizes large volumes of data repeatably, reliably, and securely. It helps centralize data that can deliver better insights faster by connecting to all the databases and applications that drive the enterprise.


  • Continuous, high-volume data movement on a very reliable and secure ELT platform
  • Pre-built and managed connectors require little to no maintenance
  • Allows resources to spend less time wrangling data and more time analyzing it

DataRobot is an AI-based cloud platform that pulls in diverse data sources and applies AI to help businesses realize the full potential of human and machine intelligence. DataRobot is for data scientists, business analysts, software engineers, and anyone who needs to use data.


  • Enables organizations to leverage the transformative power of AI with the only cloud platform built AI-native from the ground up
  • The value and outcomes of data science and predictive analytics are distributed to all in the enterprise on an easy-to-deploy platform that rapidly drives value

Alation is a data catalog tool that enables agile approval and communication, helping organizations identify, understand, and manage their data assets and workflows through analytics and dashboards.


  • Helps organizations govern, curate, and understand their data and drives the adoption of a “data culture”
  • Supports the modern data stack, is business-oriented, and drives consistency standards across the enterprise

Dbt is the leading data development framework and category standard for data transformation, documentation, and testing. Dbt makes data transformation efficient and reliable for business users and data teams by combining modular SQL with software engineering best practices.


  • Modular data modeling drives productivity and portability
  • Reliable, repeatable testing drives continuous integration/deployment
  • Builds a foundation of documentation for shared collaboration

Dataiku is a centralized data platform that empowers self-service analytics and operationalizes machine learning models in digital environments. It helps teams work together and design impactful projects while maximizing reuse and automation.

  • Easily creates, shares, and reuses applications that leverage data and machine learning
  • Scale AI effectively across an enterprise in all dimensions: data, number of applications, and all employees leveraging AI/ML
  • Delivers advanced analytics using the latest techniques at full operational levels

Astronomer is a modern data orchestration platform that enables you to build, run, and track data pipelines. It helps data teams speed up the development of data pipelines, increase data availability in an environment optimized for the cloud, and gain real-time insights.


  • Helps organizations manage and orchestrate dbt pipelines as a managed service
  • Cloud agnostic
  • Tends to leverage newer versions of Airflow when compared to competitors (i.e., GCP Composer or AWS MWAA)
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Coalesce is the only data transformation platform built for scale. Coalesce combines the speed of an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), the flexibility of code, and the efficiency of automation, empowering its customers with increased data team productivity and insights.


  • Accelerate development and data engineering productivity with best-of code-first, GUI-based design
  • Manage data changes at scale by standardizing and governing data projects
  • Uniquely built to maximize your Snowflake investment

Soda is the data quality and reliability platform that enables data teams to create the observability they need to find, analyze, and resolve data issues and ensure high-quality, trusted data is available.


  • Enable data and analytics engineers to develop high-quality, trusted data products
  • Open-source data reliability engineering-as-code creates coverage, eliminates data downtime, and makes data available 24/7
  • End-to-end data observability and reliability across operations to support enhanced innovation, automation of processes, maximize revenue opportunities, and a better customer experience
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Immuta helps organizations unlock value from their data by providing an integrated platform for sensitive data discovery, security and access control, and activity monitoring.


  • Sensitive data discovery, data access control, and data access monitoring and detection.
  • Scalable, automated policy management
  • Patented fingerprinting capability classifies data for security purposes without data leaving your database
  • Proactive risk detection and remediation

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