At its core, health is data, and managing that data takes patience, mindfulness, and care. Our data engineers can help you see your data as it truly is, assess where you are in your data innovation journey, and guide you toward the next stage of your healthcare transformation.

How Snowflake Transforms Healthcare

Snowflake enables the healthcare organization of the future by picking up where your EHR leaves off - simplifying the basics and enabling new insights, smooth operations, and new revenue potential.

Secure Data Sharing
Snowflake is integral to the future of healthcare with frictionless information flow. Snowflake allows organizations to securely share PII, PHI, and HIPAA compliant data with total control without sending files. Imagine seamless analytics across the entire care cycle; it’s possible with Snowflake and Hakkoda.
Future Proof
Snowflake enables multiple workloads from data lakes or data warehouses. It supports high-performance analytics powering data-rich applications and integrated data science. Snowflake is a solution that evolves and grows with your healthcare organization, allowing you to simplify your architecture, centralize your data, streamline governance, and accelerate your future.

Hakkoda: A Modern Data Partner for a New Era

New data platforms call for a data partner with deep experience in healthcare, Snowflake, and innovation. Our leading-edge technologists identify where you are in your data innovation journey and guide you to the next stage of healthcare transformation.

Innovation requires talent and technology. We bring both.


Combined 40+ years of healthcare data-driven innovation. We help you hone your analytics skills and refine them through playbooks and enablement.

Scalable teams

We have 100% SnowPro certified experts in the US and Costa Rica ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Putting data to work

We help you leverage your organization’s data to improve operations, patient experience, and financial performance.


We help you build a compliant data infrastructure that securely sources data across the healthcare payer and provider lifecycles.

“Private Health, with Hakkoda's guidance, is creating an architecture that represents both business operations and our patient care - PHI and HIPAA compliant capabilities where data is combined outside of applications allowing for trusted, centralized insights.”
— Jim Robshaw, CTO, Private Health Management

Solutions we deploy:

Data Pipelines

Modern data integration bringing EHR, SaaS, and on-prem applications into an integrated view. Automated, tested, and trusted.

Machine Learning

The data foundation, the MLOps processes, plus the experience and talent accelerate you into the future.

Data Warehouse

Design, develop and manage modern data architectures enabling Provider Master data management, Patient 360, and ready for machine learning.

Data Sharing

Secure, privacy-compliant data sharing is here, and healthcare is embracing it. We help you modernize for the future and unlock insights across the patient journey.

Value we create:

Beyond BI

We help you realize and harness the power of data as a true asset so you can go beyond BI and enter the information economy—and take advantage of all the new, scalable revenue streams it creates.


Maximize your internal teams' impact while reducing your total cost of becoming a data-driven organization. Hakkoda's US and LATAM teams and technologies are optimized to scale your execution efficiently.


With teams in the US and Costa Rica, your data practice can be predictable and flexible.


From our Data Innovation Journey Mapping to our depth in leading-edge tech, we offer our clients proven experience.


Patrick Buell
Data executive with 17 years of experience
Patrick is an expert in building analytics practices, strategies, teams, and architectures in payer and provider domains. Career highlights include building analytics strategies for pharmacy and clinical domains, delivering intelligent models focused on containing costs of catastrophic claims, defining architectures enabling intelligent automation of home health workflows, and driving a headless eCommerce platform for an improved patient experience at a large national healthcare provider.
Chris Puuri
Data architect with 15 years of experience
For the last decade, Chris has assisted large Healthcare Providers & Payers with their Data Integration and Analytics use cases. He also architected a major Southern California Health System’s move to the Snowflake Data Cloud. This shift allows the health system to integrate EHR and non-EHR data to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and optimize the supply chain, master provider, and workforce management, among other use cases.
Dale Cox
Software architect with 15 years of experience
Dale applies software engineering patterns and practices to build highly scalable, fault-tolerant healthcare data systems. He created and implemented reference architectures for Snowflake supporting FHIR and DICOM interoperability, unlocking and easing the movement of healthcare data. Previously, he was an embedded technical specialist providing guidance to a healthcare organization across the SW Development life cycle, improving quality and accelerating the delivery of healthcare systems.
Dana George
Data architect with 6 years of experience
Data architect ranging from data warehousing to data science using the modern data stack for newly modeled enterprise data warehouses and machine learning model operationalization management. I specialize in healthcare data and provide data solutions from prototype to production to monitoring, helping the consumer make informed decisions throughout the entire process.

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