Data Strategy & Architecture

Modernize for impact

It’s time to refresh your approach, patterns, and skills. Outside-in thinking from Hakkōda can deliver a cutting-edge perspective and guide you to what’s next.
We’ll help you answer the tough questions: How do we scale data science? Can we monetize our data? How can we share data more efficiently with partners?

Data Engineering

Automate for speed and quality

High-speed, high-quality data drives insights and innovation. At the core of every data-driven organization lies modern data engineering. This means automated, tested, and documented pipelines that land data, transform it, and fuel growth.
Learn new design patterns, implement modern tools (like Fivetran, Matillion, dbt), and accelerate your business with Hakkōda.

Data Governance​

Increase compliance & literacy

Modern data governance can improve the quality of your analytics and ease of access through better data literacy and collaboration. Data governance is an approach, policy, and technology. If you have slow analytics, duplicate efforts, and data that doesn’t align, your governance could be in need of an update. Hakkōda helps you address governance holistically.
We partner with leading governance innovators like Alation and Snowflake. Learn more in our data governance resources. ​

Data Quality​

Built into pipelines

The field of data quality is experiencing rapid innovation. Data quality is a process that includes automated testing and observability. Hakkōda helps organizations embed data quality into their engineering efforts.​
High-speed data pipelines that aren’t trustworthy aren’t helpful for your business. Hakkōda brings the practices, frameworks, and experience to ensure high-quality, trusted data.​

BI & Data Analytics

More insights, less mess

Two decades of efforts to extract data’s value have stacked up, leaving ‘data sprawl’. Find out about this problem in our research report. If you experience conflicting or missing data, slow reporting, or if the cost of analytics is scaling out of control, Hakkōda can help.
The goal of most organizations is to become increasingly data-driven. Hakkōda brings a systems approach to analytics, working to simplify, automate, and accelerate the insights your organization needs.

Data Science

MLOps for decisions at scale

Data science capabilities, like machine learning, can drive incredible value for organizations. Our clients are working to scale their machine learning efforts by automating pipelines and data prep and adopting MLOps processes.
Hakkōda provides scalable talent that fills the spaces around your internal teams to create a unified approach. We bring playbooks, frameworks, and experience with the tools it takes to simplify, scale, and bring value from your vast data sets.

Data Sharing

Maintain control and increase access

The ability to securely share data with vendors and partners is changing data analytics forever. Gone are the days of FTP and sending data files which are difficult to control and quickly become stale.
Hakkōda helps our clients understand all of their current data feeds (internal and external), develop a modern sharing strategy, and implement secure, privacy-compliant sharing that increases both data access and governance. This will open new growth and data monetization opportunities for your business.

Data Apps

Getting data to employees and customers

As companies continue their app modernization journey, they face a rapidly increasing need for rich data apps. More data, embedded analytics, and machine learning are driving new requirements and new design patterns in this field.
Hakkōda helps our clients feed data to existing applications that need trusted data at speed, as well as embed analytics in their applications, and reimagine applications from the ground up. What makes us unique are our capabilities across the entire data value chain. We manage data from sourcing to applications.

Marketing Technology

Data-driven decisioning

Marketing has changed more in the last three years than the previous fifty. Build customer 360 views, power revenue growth and create data-driven campaigns with modern marketing technology.
Marketers need a single source of truth that can power data-driven decisions and deliver a clear, actionable view of their customers. Meet the cloud technology that delivers just that. Unify atomic marketing data into a single system, centralize core assets and break down silos. Allow your entire business to act on your data, from product teams to operations and privacy.

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