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VP - Head of Financial Services & Insurance

What if your data could…

VP - Head of Financial Services & Insurance
Capture Scalable Revenue Streams
Predict Market Swings
Power Customer 360 Views
Reduce Your Technology Footprint
Disrupt an Industry
Flow Effortlessly Across Your Organizations

Your Data Should Light You Up. Not Bog You Down.


of FSI orgs believe Gen AI will be moderately to extremely important to their success within two years


of FSI orgs plan to monetize their data in the next two years


of FSI orgs report they will need a moderate to large amount of outside help modernizing their data stack this year

Markets Our Clients Are Redefining

In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, banks must embrace data modernization to stay competitive. Utilizing advanced analytics, machine learning, and Gen AI provides deeper insights into customer behavior, risk management, and fraud detection. Modern data tools enable personalized services, enhancing customer satisfaction. Real-time data processing allows for agile decision-making, while innovative data strategies streamline operations, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Wealth and asset management are vital in financial planning, directing both individuals and institutions toward their fiscal goals in a dynamic global economy. Managers navigate market volatility and regulatory shifts while aiming to maximize returns and mitigate risks through diversified portfolios and strategic investments. They employ data analytics and AI to optimize strategies, adapting swiftly to market trends. Personalized advisory services further strengthen client relationships by aligning with their objectives, fostering trust and long-term partnerships.

The insurance space is rapidly transforming itself as cutting-edge AI and ML tools are reshaping underwriting, forecasting, and fraud detection processes. These models are deeply reliant on clean, quality, and interoperable data, which means it’s more important than ever before that insurers have the right data stack and strategy in place to stay competitive. Complete and accurate data is also instrumental to driving faster claims resolutions—the number one predictor of customer satisfaction.

The Fintech and Industry Provider market is saturated with big players like Amazon and Alphabet that know how to navigate industry red tape and reliably hit home with their ideal customer. To compete with these industry giants, Fintech enterprises need their data to work harder than ever before to drive long-term growth and profitability. This means the time has come to lean hard on best-in-breed tooling and data architectures that shorten time-to-insight and power true Customer 360.

Blending Data Expertise with Financial Services & Insurance Experience

Our teams of data specialists and industry experts don’t just understand your data. They’ve been in the client chair and experienced the pain points of your business firsthand. This lets us work prescriptively with your leadership and technical teams to plan and execute a roadmap for modernizing your data architecture, enabling end-to-end data governance, and advancing monetization and Gen AI capabilities that will future-proof your organization.

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The Data Innovation Journey

The Data Innovation Journey Calculator is a tool that helps you assess the state of your data stack across 5 transformational capabilities and 4 stages of maturity.
The output provides you with a pragmatic roadmap you can use to chart a course to modernization and beyond.


Your organization depends on legacy systems that offer limited opportunities for insight, assetization, automation, or monetization.


You’ve migrated to a modern data stack, unlocking the capability to leverage modern data security, pipelines, and automation.


You have a modern data architecture and technology stack that allows your team to leverage your data as an asset across the organization.


You’ve embraced the full capabilities of the modern data stack, allowing you to begin working with AI and monetize your data with Data Apps.

We Don’t Just Drive, We Accelerate

When we see our clients regularly come up against similar challenges, we follow that pattern to the source—building industry-specific Solutions and Accelerators that let you migrate, model, manage, and monetize your data faster than ever before.

Modern Asset Management Analytics

Modern Asset Management Analytics

The MAMBA Snowflake environment centralizes data integration, analytics, scalability, and security. It enables focused analysis and real-time access for portfolio managers, supported by the Snowflake Marketplace. Compliance teams can be easily established without impacting existing data.

Intelligent Agreements

Intelligent Agreements

A chatbot solution transforming documents into conversational interfaces for seamless knowledge sharing. It optimizes workflows, improves customer services, and boosts efficiency. Cloud-ready, it supports various LLMs, offers flexible switching, distinct routing, multi-user support, customizable chat widgets, and significant cost savings up to 90%.

Snowflake Native MDM

Snowflake Native MDM

A Snowflake-native utility leveraging Snowpark’s machine learning engine for master data management and governance. It enables circular data management, automating anomaly detection, deduplication, rule application, and profiling within Snowflake. Benefits include integration ease with reporting and collaboration tools, cost reduction via built-in data quality functionality, shortened time-to-insight, and AI-enabled matching for duplicate removal.

Industry Insights

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