Financial Services

Our financial services technologists can help you maximize the usefulness of your data to streamline operations, improve your customer experience, and tap into new revenue sources.

Who we help:

We help financial services companies of all stripes unlock the power of their data and discover new possibilities for growth.

Credit Unions
Capital Markets

How we help:

We combine industry experience with modern technology —joining the ‘why’ and the ‘how.’

We work closely with your leadership and technical teams to set a roadmap for modernizing data pipelines, architecture, governance, and advancing capabilities that will future-proof your organization.

Problems we solve:

IT capacity constraints

Your IT teams already have their hands full ensuring compliance across local and global markets, leaving little room for data and analytical support. We bring bandwidth for governance, cataloging, and analysis, opening the door for innovation.

Siloed, point solutions

Decades of short-term solutions with no effort to integrate them into a larger framework have led to patchwork approaches that don’t work. We break down barriers and coordinate your response.


Fintechs are here and they don’t plan to stop. Amazon, Walmart, and Alphabet know their customers better and aren’t subject to the regulations, oversight, and charter requirements you are. You need a plan for the future that empowers you to be more than “the local bank.”

Erratic market swings

Institutions can’t rely on treasury and deposits to balance the book in the post-pandemic era. When four or five rate hikes don’t surpass yield gains, taking on debt becomes more expensive and reduces the incentive to put money in the bank.
“In Financial Services, if you're not using data to inform your team's decision making, you're behind your competition. Our business succeeds because of high quality data; we all rely on so many inputs it's no longer a question of if you should improve our data management processes, but when, and how.”
— Todd Willits, Managing Director, EPFR Global

Solutions we deploy:

‘Own’ Your Data

Extracting data from core banking systems and creating a unified view of your customers.

Remove Silos

Integrate deposits, lending, and marketing data to improve operations and gain deeper insights.


Use your unified view to understand propensity and affinity. Then, deploy segmentation models to gain a deeper behavioral understanding of your customers.

New Revenue

Identify growth areas in existing businesses and achieve M&A value realization with integrated data and machine learning.

Value we create:

Beyond BI

We help you realize and harness the power of data as a true asset so you can go beyond BI and enter the information economy—and take advantage of all the new, scalable revenue streams it creates.


Shift your internal talent, tools, and resources to your FSI’s business strategy and let us reduce your tech footprint and outgoing talent spend.


Your data practice can be predictable and flexible with US and Costa Rican teams


Tap into the latest technologies, architecture and talent to know what's next and how to be ready for it.


Anand Pandya
Global Head of Financial Services with 20 years of experience
As a career-long data advocate and evangelist, Anand has been responsible for transforming data management, governance, and analytics practices, developing new FinTech products and services and rooting himself in the belief that innovation strikes best over a piping hot cup of coffee.

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