Why Hakkōda?

The world needs data talent, and that talent needs a new way to work centered on learning, community, and purpose.

Customers are also searching for alternatives to the past. They want expertise and experience combined with flexibility and passion.

Hakkoda is for builders ⁠who envision a world powered by data and work together to achieve it.


Real. Data. People.

We are ever-curious, invested in each other, and committed to ushering in a data-driven future for our clients.

We did it the old way in our old jobs at major firms. But now we’re ready to do it differently. We created Hakkoda to do things better and make room for passion and innovation.


To ignite the power of data and embolden changemakers to create a better world.

— Erik Duffield, Hakkoda Founder and CEO

Change can be anxiety-provoking and uncomfortable. As the world changes, the old ways of doing things become obsolete. We embrace that change. For us, “change” is another word for “opportunity.” Every time the world shifts, we see new, unexpected opportunities through data. When we have the opportunity to do things differently, we thrive because growth and change are essential to successful transformations.


These are our guiding principles. Our values shape our traditions and reflect who we are and what we aspire to.

People first

We champion the power of community and human potential.

Trust is everything

We earn our customers’ trust through expertise, transparency, and dependability.

Live life

We create an environment where our team and customers can live their best lives.

Stay curious

We’re creative, open to new perspectives, and excited about possibilities we haven’t considered yet.

Be the change

We strive to positively impact our employees, customers, and communities.



Erik Duffield

CEO, Co-founder

Patrick Buell

VP of Consulting, Co-founder

Ryan Tucker

CRO, Co-founder

Kim Heger

Chief Talent, Culture & Wellness Warrior, Co-founder

Bob Hardin

EVP Industry Solutions & Strategic Accounts, Co-founder

"Let's know how to improve our business with data storytelling."

Víctor Gómez
Training Lead

“If you believe you can, you will.”

Rob Sandberg
Data Science/MLOps Lead

“Data gives you the power to tackle any problem and make it more approachable to people.”

José Guillermo Esquivel
Data Analyst

“The expert in something was once a beginner, and any mistakes in the journey are just proof that you’re trying.”

Nicole Abarca Jiménez
Lead Data Analyst

“Let us strive for the impossible.The great achievements throughout history have been the conquest of what seemed the impossible.” - Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr.

Jorge Remón
Lead Data Engineer

“Data-driven impact means success in the decision-making process.”

Javier Monge
Engagement Manager

“Data-driven insights and decision making is no longer an afterthought. We need them to succeed, not only as an organization but also as a society.”

Yislani Cordoba Mora
Technical Recruiter

“Nowadays, data is crucial for business, and I love to contribute by providing solutions to use it in the best way.”

Fernanda Villagra
Assoc. Data Engineer

"Yes, big data can solve real world problems."

Marco Espinoza
Assoc. Data Analyst

“Everything you do, do it as if it were for yourself.”

Liz Mora
Data Analyst

“Learning is a decision you consciously make to become a better version of yourself.”

Saimond Vargas
Global L&D Manager

“An individual can make a difference, a team can make a miracle”

Francis Prieto
Engagement Manager

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