Seamless Data Migration:
Elevate Your Business to New Heights

Hakkoda’s Data Migration service is more than just a one-time transfer to the cloud; it’s a strategic intervention that allows you to rethink your business from the ground up by accelerating integration, streamlining operations, and transforming your data into your most powerful asset.

Empower Your Business with
Data Modernization Excellence

Hakkoda’s Data Modernization solutions are crafted to empower your business in the digital age. We specialize in building and implementing future-proofed data strategies that cater to the dynamic needs of your business, freeing up your resources to focus on the next big thing.

Unleash the Potential:
Data Monetization for Intelligent Growth

In today’s data-driven world, your information is more than just a collection of numbers – it’s a goldmine of opportunities waiting to be explored. Hakkoda’s Data Monetization services empower you to securely create, share, and monetize feature rich applications on the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Case Studies
Century Distribution Systems
US Foods
Sterling Capital
My Community Homes

Customer Stories

"They are a consulting firm where, not only do we lay out what we need and describe how we want to do it, they challenge us on how we think about what we’ve been doing."
Alex Baronian - Data Warehouse Architect at Century Distribution Systems

Case Studies

“Hakkoda ensured speed to market, quality, and supportable apps. It’s an absolute game changer for CoreLogic and their clients.”
John Rogers - CoreLogic Chief Innovation Officer
“Not only are we able to use Hakkoda to build some of our IP, we’re also working to figure out joint solutions we can take to Hakkoda’s customers.”
Nitin Bose - VGS VP of Product and Customer Success
"Hakkoda was able to align all stakeholders in the analytics processes behind the scenes and introduce functionality in Snowflake that we weren't aware of."
David Falck - US Foods VP of Insights and Analytics
“Healthcare information is notoriously messy and difficult to get into one format so we can analyze and create insight-backed decisions, and that’s really what Hakkoda has helped us drive.”
Matt Savacool - PHM Data Architect
“We saw a team thinking outside the box. To us, that was a very nice surprise and without a doubt it opened a lot of opportunities for how we approach our day to day challenges.”
Juan Posada - MarViva Science Manager
"Hakkoda’s expertise has given me the confidence that we’re partnering with a consultant and advisory firm that can provide us with not only feedback, but guidance on best practices as well as any missteps that they’ve seen along the way working with other firms similar to Sterling."
Tom Gisondi - Sterling Capital Executive Director and Head of IT
"Hakkoda is highly flexible. Just in my first year, we’ve been able to adjust our contract, change our needs—they adapted really quickly. We really look at Hakkoda as more of a strategic partner, so we want to bring them into meetings where we have other executives who are new to Snowflake."
Jules Parera - My Community Homes EVP of Technology


Custom Solutions for Complex Industries

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Quality healthcare requires quality data, serviced by expert teams of data scientists, engineers, and technologists with hands-on experience at the world’s largest healthcare organizations.

Our experienced financial services technologists can help you maximize your data to streamline operations, improve your customer experience, and tap into new revenue sources.

Securely deploy and assetize your organization’s data with tools & capabilities embraced by the commercial sector, backed by our teams of public sector data leaders.

Solutions & Accelerators
Financial Services
Snowflake Optimization
Public Sector

Solutions & Accelerators


A Modern Asset Management & Business Analytics Accelerator for today’s financial institutions.

Solutions & Accelerators


Mapping healthcare data can be tedious, so we’ve trained machines to do it while giving you complete visibility and control.

Solutions & Accelerators


Allows you to configure environment standards and defaults, as well as create definitions for Snowflake provisioning and security.

Solutions & Accelerators


Your migration to Snowflake process can be automated and streamlined, saving you time and allowing you to focus on other critical tasks.

Financial Services


Snowflake Optimization

Public Sector

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Talent that Scales

Global locations

You need data teams wherever your business wants to go. With talent centers located across the U.S., Costa Rica, UK and Portugal, you’ll have access to services that grow with you.

Maximize the value of your data and work with best-in-class talent while keeping costs under control, time zones aligned, and cultures compatible.

Reduce operational costs by automating repetitive tasks, finding new efficiencies, and launching solutions like LLMs that allow your team to quickly leverage the full power of their data.

Wherever you are in your data innovation journey, our team has the tooling and training to modernize and maintain your day-to-day data operations at scale.

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