Snowflake Concierge
Managed Data Ops
Data Science as a Service

Snowflake Concierge

Monitoring + Experts On-Demand

Concierge is a lightweight managed service offering that supports your team and ensures your investment in Snowflake remains at peak performance.

We'll maintain your governance, enable data analysts, guide you on new features and monitor your environment.

Includes HakkodaRM monitoring your environment for more predictable spend and performance.

Concierge guides for governance and enablement.

Slack channel for quick support.

Managed Data Ops

Run and Evolve Data Pipelines

Hakkoda’s Managed DataOps team maintains and adapts your data operations processes.

We maintain ELT, Observability, and Data Lineage. Hakkoda’s DataOps service isn’t just monitoring, we are evolving and adaping your data program.

Efficiently managed in your timezone from our Customer Innovation Center in Costa Rica.

Our team has the tooling and training to keep your trusted data flowing.

Data Science as a Service

Scaling Machine Learning

Augment and scale your data science needs now. We bring the talent and frameworks to stand up and scale your machine learning capabilities.
Our MLOps team in US and Costa Rica is a very efficient way to move from experimenting with data science to embedding it into the core of how you work.

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