Customer Success: How Topgolf Callaway Brands Transformed Their Data Stack to Power CDP and Brand Portfolio Analysis

Find out how Topgolf Callaway Brands was able to unify and modernize their organizational data stack, leveraging the power of an exciting new customer data platform to power full brand portfolio analysis and roll out new data-driven campaigns in short order.
June 1, 2024
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Data becomes powerful when it is organized, accessible, and actionable—in short, when it is in “harmony.” But when an organization’s data is spread across multiple platforms, internal teams, or isolated brands lacking in cross-organizational interoperability—it becomes all but impossible to achieve the kind of harmony that allows data to flourish. Without a single source of truth that can power Customer 360 and full brand portfolio analysis, marketers and other organizational stakeholders lack the insights they need to respond to shifting customer behavior patterns and other turbulences in the marketplace.  

Data harmony is one of the key promises of the modern data stack and centralized data cloud platforms like Snowflake. The ability to consolidate and streamline all of your organization’s data onto a single platform that has limitless tools and capabilities is what has compelled so many organizations to abandon legacy data tools in the past year.

But transitioning to a modernized data stack comes with unique challenges for every organization, and without the internal resources and expertise to make the transition efficiently and effectively, many organizations find themselves shackled to legacy technologies and siloed systems that keep their data disorganized, inaccessible, and underutilized.

Let’s take a look at how Topgolf Callaway Brands was able to achieve data harmony through Snowflake, synthesizing their data across multiple brands through a state-of-the-art Customer Data Platform that took their data stack to the next level.

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What Does “Data Harmony” Look Like within the Modern Data Stack?

A centralized data cloud platform like Snowflake is key to data harmony for the simple reason that it allows organizations to bring together all of their data on a single platform that has all the data capabilities they need. No more interoperability issues, no more functions that aren’t supported by a limited third party platform, and no more barriers between organizational data teams and the data functions they use on a daily basis.

But centralizing organizational data on a single, sophisticated platform is only the first step to achieving data harmony. Next comes rapid modeling and machine learning functions that sift through vast oceans of organizational data to find actionable data points and trends. Thanks to the sheer power and versatility of centralized cloud platforms, these functions can be customized to any organization’s unique needs.

Using sophisticated models to predict customer behavior and recommend next best actions is a snap once the right models have been built and implemented. This is where true data harmony is achieved: when custom-built models, powered by a robust centralized cloud platform, are fed organized, accessible data and are thus able to get right to the heart of an organization’s strategic needs.

How Topgolf Callaway Brands Achieved Full Brand Portfolio Analysis

When Topgolf Callaway Brands partnered with Hakkoda, they were looking to build a data stack that brought harmony to their organization, which had grown rapidly over the past several years. With multiple brands operating under one organizational umbrella, their data approach needed to be unified—and, in the process, modernized. Leveraging intra-brand data to predict customer behavior and drive decision-making was the ultimate goal.

So with Hakkoda’s expert support and the Snowflake cloud, Topgolf Callaway Brands was able to implement a Customer Data Platform that brought their data under one roof. There, all new pipelines and custom-built data and ML models made data activation possible, generating propensity scoring and next best actions recommendations based on intra-brand data. With these models operating at near real-time speeds, two of Topgolf Callaway’s top brands were rolling out new campaigns in just 16 weeks.

Radically rebuilding a major organization’s data stack to unify and modernize its data across multiple brands could have been an immensely difficult task. But Topgolf Callaway Brands did just that in the span of less than two quarters,  with the power of Snowflake and the support of Hakkoda. Now they’re reaping the rewards of data harmony.

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Learn How to Go From Zero to CDP with TC Brands & Hakkōda at Snowflake Data Cloud Summit

The path to data harmony lies in joining the modern data stack, unsurprisingly, but that path has never been easier to traverse, with the expert support of Hakkoda. As Topgolf Callaway’s CDP success story attests, data discord can be solved, and your organization can go from languishing in brand silos to harnessing the full power of your data with cutting-edge capabilities, all within one robust cloud platform. 

A fully synergized data platform, custom-built data models that suit your organization’s needs, machine learning that tracks incredible amounts of data and automates decision-making—all of these capabilities are within reach, and Hakkoda is here to help you find your way.

Interested in learning more about Topgolf Callaway’s CDP journey? Join us for “Zero to Customer 360: Topgolf Callaway Brands Unlocks Intrabrand Activation and Analytics,” a breakout session at Data Cloud Summit 2024, Monday, Jun 3, from 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM PDT.

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