Unleashing Financial Insights with Snowflake

The fast-paced world of financial services calls for a tech stack with speed, scalability, and real-time insights. Moving away from limited tools and towards a modern data analytics platform is paramount for the financial industry to stay relevant and competitive.
July 19, 2023
Hakkoda - Financial Insights with Snowflake - Unleashing Financial Insights with Snowflake

In today’s data-driven world, businesses across industries constantly strive to gain valuable insights from their financial data. Timely and accurate information is crucial for making informed decisions, driving growth, and staying ahead of the competition. However, harnessing the power of financial data can be a complex and challenging task. 

The financial industry handles copious amounts of data with tools such as Excel, that have limitations and take large amounts of time to process. With Snowflake, a cloud-based platform, businesses are revolutionizing how they analyze and leverage their financial data. 

Financial Insights with Snowflake, an Introduction

Most Fortune 500 companies still use Excel for their data analysis. While Excel is a great, singular desktop tool for smaller crosstab analytics and individual insights, it fails to meet large-scale needs. It also doesn’t support shared insights and lacks the ability to move at the speed the market is moving. In fact, 75% of financial services leaders want to stop using Excel as their primary analytical engine within two years and move to a more modern tech stack. 

Snowflake allows organizations to modernize and harness the power of their data. Built for the cloud, Snowflake offers a comprehensive and scalable solution for storing, managing, and analyzing vast amounts of data. It provides businesses with the flexibility, speed, and security needed to unlock the full potential of their financial data. 

Here are some ways to use Snowflake for financial insights:

  • Track and analyze financial performance: Snowflake can track and analyze financial performance over time. This can be done by creating dashboards and reports that show key metrics such as revenue, expenses, and profit. Snowflake can also compare financial performance against historical data or industry benchmarks.
  • Identify trends and patterns: Snowflake can be used for predictive analysis, such as identifying trends and patterns in financial data. This can be done by running complex queries and visualizations. Snowflake can also be used to identify outliers and anomalies in financial data.
  • Make better business decisions: By gaining insights into financial data, businesses can make better decisions about how to allocate resources, invest in new products or services, and expand into new markets. Snowflake can also be used to identify risks and opportunities in the financial markets.
Hakkoda - Financial Insights with Snowflake - Unleashing Financial Insights with Snowflake

Key Benefits of Financial Insights with Snowflake

Cloud-based technology has a significant influence on operational efficiency for financial services organizations. Snowflake is a proven industry standard that supports growth and business agility, and now more than ever, it is an essential tool for success in the financial services industry. 

A few key benefits of using Snowflake for financial insights are: 


Snowflake is designed for high performance, so you can be confident that your queries will run quickly and efficiently. Snowflake uses a columnar storage format, which is more efficient for storing and querying large amounts of data. By focusing on a shared-nothing architecture, each node in the cluster can be independently scaled up or down.

Scalability and Elasticity

Snowflake’s unique architecture allows for unlimited scalability, enabling businesses to store and process massive volumes of financial data without the need for complex infrastructure management. Whether you’re dealing with terabytes or petabytes of data, Snowflake can scale to meet your growing needs effortlessly.

Seamless Data Integration

Snowflake simplifies the data integration process by seamlessly connecting to various data sources, including structured and semi-structured data. This capability allows businesses to consolidate financial data from disparate sources, such as transactional systems, spreadsheets, and external APIs, into a single unified platform, making it easier to analyze and derive meaningful insights.

Real-Time Analytics

Accessing and analyzing financial data in real-time is invaluable for businesses operating in dynamic market environments. Snowflake’s near-zero latency processing ensures that financial insights are delivered promptly, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions with speed and agility.

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Snowflake supports a wide range of analytics tools and programming languages, empowering businesses to leverage advanced analytics techniques and machine learning algorithms to uncover hidden patterns and trends within their financial data. This enables organizations to gain deeper insights and make more accurate predictions, enhancing their financial planning and forecasting capabilities.

Enhanced Data Security and Governance

Financial data is highly sensitive, and organizations must prioritize data security and governance. Snowflake provides robust security measures, including advanced encryption, role-based access controls, and data masking, ensuring that financial data is protected against unauthorized access. Additionally, Snowflake’s granular audit trail and compliance capabilities assist businesses in meeting regulatory requirements such as GDPR and HIPAA.

In addition, Snowflake provides personalization and innovation, which creates a competitive advantage in the financial services industry.

Hakkoda Takes Financial Insights with Snowflake to a New Level

As Snowflake’s Americas Innovation Partner of the Year, Hakkoda has proven we have the knowledge, skills, and creativity to unlock innovation with Snowflake. With our breadth of expertise in the financial industry, we help clients such as AB CarVal move away from Excel modeling and modernize their data infrastructure with Snowflake. Hakkoda is also creating tools, such as Mamba, to further unleash the power of financial insights with Snowflake. 

MAMBA (Modern Asset Management Business Analytics) is a cutting-edge asset management dashboard built on the robust Snowflake data platform, offering a range of powerful features that can significantly benefit organizations within the financial services sector. It provides a streamlined approach to accessing and analyzing data, freeing up time for analysis and data enrichment. 

With access to the Snowflake Marketplace and partner ecosystem, organizations can augment their data with best-in-class tools for ETL, AI/ML, and data visualizations. Portfolio managers gain real-time access to trades and asset allocation, enhancing portfolio optimization. MAMBA also ensures data security and compliance through role-based access controls, simplifying access for compliance and regulatory teams without compromising data integrity. 

Snowflake has emerged as a game-changer for businesses seeking to unlock the power of their financial data. Snowflake provides the foundation for businesses to gain valuable financial insights, drive growth, and stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape by offering unparalleled scalability, seamless data integration, real-time analytics, advanced analytics capabilities, robust security measures, and cost efficiency. 

If you are ready to embrace Snowflake as a financial analytics platform and empower your organization to harness the full potential of its financial data, Hakkoda can help! Contact us today to transform your data into a strategic asset that fuels innovation and success! 

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