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AB CarVal Transforms Data Modeling: From Excel to Advanced Analytics

Global investment management firm AB CarVal partnered with Hakkoda to break out of an Excel-modeling world and work faster and at scale.

Customer Stories: AB CarVal - AB CarVal - Hakkoda


AB CarVal, an established global alternative investment manager, was looking for a more efficient alternative to Excel-based modeling —one that allowed them to modernize their data infrastructure and respond to market conditions. AB CarVal began their modernization process using Fivetran, dbt, Snowflake, Sigma and Looker. Their data needs were fast-paced and considerable. With over $14 billion assets under management, they were looking to handle more data at scale.


Hakkoda joined forces with the AB CarVal risk and portfolio team to bring their modeling capabilities to life in the modern data stack. Hakkoda’s SnowPro certified experts reengineered data pipelines and set up the data in Snowflake to drive scale of business analytics. Hakkoda’s Sigma technology experts moved Excel reporting functions and risk modeling for four of AB CarVal’s core portfolios into Sigma, dramatically improving both speed to insight and CarVal’s internal efficiency. 

Leveraging deep domain expertise in the finance sector and a close relationship with Sigma, Hakkoda collaborated with AB CarVal’s cloud analytics partner to bring Sigma beta features to life, supplying a customized, one-of-a-kind reporting solution for the AB CarVal team.

By itself, Excel isn't enough for portfolio and risk managers to succeed at scale and pace. By harnessing the power of modern data —with Snowflake and Sigma— AB CarVal has begun a successful journey toward utilizing data as a first class asset.

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