Surveying the Future: AI Use Cases Across Key Industries

Learn how AI solutions can help solve some of the toughest challenges faced by Financial Services, Healthcare, and Marketing organizations while opening new horizons of data innovation.
October 17, 2023
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The abundance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and solutions cropping up across key industries in recent months signals more than just a trend in emerging technologies; it signals a crucial paradigm shift that will fundamentally inform how public and private organizations approach their operations for years to come. The landscape is changing quickly as businesses struggle for a place at the forefront of the new data-driven marketplace that is just beginning to emerge, while cloud-based data providers like Snowflake are fast at work enabling new AI applications and partnering with AI frontrunners like NVIDIA.

As we delve into the profound transformation AI brings to Financial Services, Healthcare, and Marketing, it’s essential to understand the historical context and inherent challenges of each sector. These challenges have already begun to shape the unique solutions and interventions that are emerging in each of these spaces, and can help point us toward what to expect for each industry as AI continues to evolve.

AI Use Cases in Financial Services: The Future is Now

Historically, the Financial Services sector has been a bastion of tradition, anchored by age-old practices and legacy systems. In such an environment, innovation has historically been met with resistance. However, the urgency of the digital age has catalyzed change. 

Today, instead of enduring tedious wait times on bank calls, customers experience the efficiency of generative AI-driven chatbots. Accounting, once a laborious manual task, is undergoing automation, minimizing human errors. Institutions shackled by legacy systems from the 70s and 80s are witnessing the rejuvenating power of AI, transforming old software into agile, responsive platforms. The daunting task of modernizing applications, especially moving away from languages like COBOL, has been simplified. In the realm of document and financial analysis, meanwhile, AI’s democratizing influence ensures that even those without a financial background can understand complex documents, revolutionizing research methodologies.

AI Use Cases in Healthcare: Healing with AI

Healthcare, a sector as old as humanity itself, has always been about the delicate balance between innovation and preserving the sanctity of human life.

While technological advancements have steadily improved medical procedures, the administrative burden and the challenge of interpreting vast amounts of patient data have persisted. Enter AI. Medical professionals can now redirect their focus from paperwork to direct patient care thanks to AI’s administrative prowess. In surgeries, AI-empowered robotic procedures promise unparalleled precision, reducing potential complications.

On the data front, AI’s efficiency in organizing, analyzing, and presenting comprehensive patient health snapshots is unmatched. Additionally, AI’s growing expertise in interpreting medical images, predicting diseases like cancer, and assisting in diagnostics promises a brighter, more informed future for patient care. 

AI Use Cases in Marketing: A Paradigm Shift

Marketing, born from the age-old need to sell products and services, has evolved dramatically over the centuries. In the digital age, it transformed from traditional print and TV campaigns to the vast, dynamic world of online advertising. Amidst this transformation, the challenge of analyzing colossal volumes of social media content arose, which has since been addressed by AI interventions offering real-time insights and feedback analysis.

The ever-accelerating pace of digital marketing, meanwhile, has come with the demand for more and more rapid content creation. AI now aids in the development of high content volumes, playing a role in everything from ideation to execution. In a realm driven by data, AI’s prowess in collating, interpreting, and strategizing based on vast data sets gives marketers an edge, ensuring campaigns resonate more effectively with target audiences.

Building Bespoke AI Solutions with Hakkōda

Embedded in the historical fabric of these industries, AI is not merely a technological addition; it’s a transformative force uniquely positioned to alleviate enduring pain points that have plagued even the savviest of institutions for decades. As we stride into the future, AI stands tall as a beacon of innovation, guiding businesses and sectors towards unprecedented horizons.

The sheer volume of use cases across each of these industries, however, also underscores the importance of being strategic when planning and implementing AI solutions, which should be built with a specific set of business requirements and industry challenges in mind. Finally, it is also important that AI solutions are designed to work seamlessly with existing technology and not introduce new interruptions into business operations, especially in highly regulated industries where data systems and processes must adhere to strict security and governance requirements. 

That’s where Hakkoda can help. Our data teams are 100% SnowPro certified and bring expertise from across the modern data stack together with experience working with exactly these kinds of heavily regulated industries to help our clients craft customized solutions that never lose sight of the goals and requirements of their business.  

Ready to begin your organization’s exciting next chapter with best-in-class, AI-driven solutions? Let’s talk.

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