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How a Large Regional Bank Built a Snowflake Data Vault and Implemented Master Data Management

large data sources integrated
reduction in implementation efforts
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months to end-to-end data governance

Developed a modern data architecture centered on a Snowflake Data Vault​

Implemented Master Data Management (MDM), enabling Customer 360 and data sharing

Enabled seamless sharing of data analysis with clients


The client’s chief data challenge was breaking down data silos between 3 large data sources, which resulted in fragmentation in their information management strategy and made the end goal of achieving Customer 360 impossible.

Another major concern was the Inconsistent adoption of technical tool sets and engineering standards across the organization. In addition to the need to upscale their data teams, priority differences between business stakeholders and technology development partners proved an additional obstacle to consolidating high-quality data into a single source of truth.   

The client also struggled with a limited adoption of its data governance program, which was largely confined to the consumption layer. Though the client had taken most of the key steps to implementing a data governance framework—implementing a tool, establishing a council, approving a policy, and meeting regularly with data stewards, practices within the organization were slow to grow, leading to data quality concerns as they attempted to consolidate sources and implement a framework for master data management.


Hakkoda’s data experts worked closely with the client to consolidate its siloed data sources into a single source of truth in the form of a Snowflake Data Vault, which enables the flexible and scalable development of data warehouses entirely within the Snowflake environment. The Data Vault methodology also translated into faster development cycles for these warehouses.

By developing and implementing a modern data architecture that leveraged the best-in-breed capabilities of Azure Data Factory, Matillion, Coalesce, Airflow, Collibra, and PowerBI, the client was able not only to piece together a more holistic view of its data, but also lay a strong, flexible, and scalable foundation for future innovation, including AI integration.

Also crucial to the success of the Snowflake Data Vault project, Hakkoda worked with stakeholders throughout the client organization to align objectives between business and IT stakeholders and implement an end-to-end framework for data governance and Master Data Management. This improved trust in a unified golden record that could support a Customer 360 view while creating a roadmap for the integration of additional data sources in the form of a Data Governance Playbook.

The Model

Technology Used:


Azure Data Factory




Collibra Protect


Part Time Resources:


Project Duration:

5 Months

“Large banks are facing an identity crisis where the global banks are eating up share and smaller banks are focusing their expertise on niches. Large banks' data is the answer to retaining customer confidence, growing market share, and mitigating risk. Modernizing a data architecture to enable the different business lines at the bank to better utilize complete, timely, and trusted data is the difference between surviving and thriving in the modern banking market.”
– Anand Pandya, Global Head of Financial Services at Hakkoda

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