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How VGS Built a Streamlit App to Perform Tokenization in Snowflake

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Provided users with a Snowflake Native Application available through Snowflake App Marketplace.

Enabled customers to perform tokenization and de-tokenization in Snowflake by using the app to connect to the VGS vault.

Facilitated tokenization of highly sensitive data within Snowflake’s Data Cloud, allowing customers to analyze data while minimizing security risks and compliance concerns.


Historically, Very Good Security (VGS) has created a suite of tokenization products and services with a primary audience in the payment stack. One of their ongoing initiatives is to expand use cases for their services outside of that space, including tokenization inside cloud environments.

When VGS was approached by one of their largest customers with a request to perform tokenization in Snowflake, they identified this as an important opportunity to expand on their offering. Partnering with Hakkoda and Snowflake, they identified that a Streamlit App offered through the Snowflake App Marketplace would be a way to meet that client’s needs while also creating a tool that could be easily shared with other VGS Vault Users.


Hakkoda worked with VGS to develop the VGS Vault Tokenizer, a Snowflake Native App that allows Snowflake customers to utilize the VGS platform for collecting, protecting, and exchanging sensitive data within the Snowflake environment.

The VGS Vault Tokenizer facilitates the tokenization of sensitive data as soon as it enters a customer’s data lake in Snowflake. By replacing the raw data with tokens, privacy is preserved, and data analysis capabilities are enhanced within the Snowflake Data Cloud. The app operates within a staging area in the customer’s Snowflake ETL pipeline or can be used in-place to tokenize on command, providing user-friendly interfaces for both the tokenization and de-tokenization processes. As a result, Snowflake customers can easily access the VGS Vault app and unlock valuable insights while ensuring data privacy and security for their data.

Because Native Apps like the VGS Vault Tokenizer operate directly on top of the data layer within a Snowflake warehouse, providers are relieved of the burden of managing or coordinating compute resources, and clients gain transparency into compute costs.

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“Not only are we able to use Hakkoda to essentially build some of our IP, but we’re also working with Hakkoda to figure out joint solutions we can take to Hakkoda’s customers. So it increases what we can do from our platform’s perspective and brings the voice of the customer, as well as helps solve some real problems.”
– Nitin Bose - VGS VP of Product and Customer Success

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