Customer Stories

Consolidating Property Business Intelligence with a Family Real Estate Asset Manager

reduction in management systems sprawl
0 %
months to consolidate and centralize all data sources
homes accommodated under a standardized asset management schema
100 ,000

Enabled faster time to insight with a modern data stack including Fivetran, dbt, AWS, and Sigma.

The customer is now leveraging Snowflake's native capabilities, such as Snowpark, to consolidate and monitor data acquisition scripts.

With the customer’s data consolidated in Snowflake, Hakkoda continues to help them build a true asset management schema while pivoting with their growing data needs.


The customer is an asset manager of single family real estate. As a nimble start-up company in a relatively new market, they have had to navigate the lack of data type standards in their industry. The real estate space is also dominated by old-money investors and long-tenured decision makers unaware of benefits of a modern data stack.

Their small team also needed to be able to make decisions quickly to keep up with their growing customer base and large network of property managers. This meant working closely with a trusted data partner who could match their ability to pivot quickly as they built out their technology stack.

They needed a solution that would not only help them ingest, clean, and leverage the data they already had at their disposal, but that would scale with their team and support innovation as they continue to elevate their analytics and data governance capabilities.


The main goal of the project was to transition the customer’s existing data from a MySQL database to Snowflake’s cloud-based environment. This migration involved data ingestion from their existing database, third party sites, and Snowflake privately shared listings. In doing so, the customer is enabled to consolidate business intelligence reporting and decision-making, as well as identify trends from within the platform – eliminating many spreadsheets and data manipulation errors in the process. The customer is also sharing data back to property managers through the Snowflake Marketplace.

Hakkoda’s experience across the modern data stack, including data pipeline and raw data methodology, allowed us to accelerate the customer’s Snowflake migration, help them select the right software packages, and bolster their efforts to establish best practices.

By including a Senior Engineer with a real estate background on the team for this project, we were able to establish our credentials and build trust with MCS very quickly. That allowed us to shorten the learning curve around the customer’s business and account for industry-specific challenges when building their data pipelines.

The Model

Technology Used:






Project Duration:

9 Months

“Hakkoda is highly flexible. Just in my first year, we’ve been able to adjust our contract, change our needs—they adapted really quickly. We really look at Hakkoda as more of a strategic partner, so we want to bring them into meetings where we have other executives who are new to Snowflake”
– Customer EVP of Technology

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