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Shipping Data Products Faster with Century Distribution Systems



annual savings on SQL and Azure
reduction in DBA and networking operations time
0 x
improvement in daily load times, from 22 to 3 hours
0 x

Migrated CDS to Snowflake from a legacy data platform.

Leveraged Snowflake’s data sharing and interoperability to improve delivery speeds to over 200 customers around the world.

Aligned data pipelines to Snowflake’s product model, setting the groundwork for future data science and artificial intelligence advancements.


Century Distribution Solutions (CDS) is an international shipping logistics company that provides trusted supply chain services to the world’s leading companies through a unique mix of adaptable technology and operational excellence.

The global shipping company needed to be able to deliver products faster, which meant moving away from the limitations of a legacy system toward a solution that would allow them to receive high volumes of clean, usable data from around the world.


Hakkoda’s expertise and execution allowed us to align a Snowflake Data Cloud migration with CDS’s core business needs, moving pipelines to align with their strengths and ultimately drive a successful implementation. This process included the migration of 511 SQL Server tables to Snowflake, plus the migration of 231 SSIS packages to Azure Data Factory, which were then re-engineered into Matillion.

By helping CDS align with Snowflake’s overall product roadmap, their migration also positions CDS to continue innovating their data processes and pipelines for future success, including the integration of data science and artificial intelligence.

By introducing automation and reducing the number of bugs in their data pipelines, CDS can be more confident in their processing while reducing manual human efforts, resulting in future cost savings.

The Model

Technology Used:



Azure Data Factory

“Working with Hakkoda has been nothing but pure pleasure. They are a consulting firm where, not only do we lay out what we need and describe how we want to do it, they challenge us on how we think about what we’ve been doing. ‘Don’t stick to the same old model we’ve stuck to for years.’ It’s been a learning experience, it’s been a growth experience, it’s an experience where we’ve become a better company from it.”
Alex Baronian
– Alex Baronian, CDS Data Warehouse Architect

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