Meet the Snowflake Data Migration Experts

“Hakkōda’s unique delivery model and deep expertise in data engineering allowed us to get value from the relationship in a matter of days. They’re helping us use Snowflake in the way it was intended.” 

Chuck Sample, VP of Analytics & Data Science at US Foods

Data sprawl is making modernization more difficult and maintenance more expensive. Learn how to tackle inefficiencies and plan to be a data-driven organization.

Data Migration Made Simple with SnowPro Engineers

Save Thousands of Hours

Manually integrating complex data sets can take hundreds or thousands of hours and leads to costly errors.

Our solution applies three layers of machine learning to accelerate integration and reduce time-consuming manual work.

Cut Costs with Costa Rican Data Teams

Save money with SnowPro certified teams of data engineers, scientists, analysts, architects, and data governance experts based in Costa Rica. 

Enjoy reduced costs with a best-in-class pool of talent located in your time zone.

Get Industry Specific Expertise

When we can see the full data picture, we can identify patterns and derive insight.

With decades of deep domain expertise in healthcare, financial services, martech, and CPG, Hakkoda’s data teams understand and lead complex projects. 



Migrate Your Data to Snowflake

Data Modernization

  • The ability to manage data will increasingly differentiate market-leading revenue generators from competitors. In 2023, data modernization will drive business intelligence and either advance business success or hold companies back.

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