Customer Success: How a Major Health Technology Provider is Securely Delivering Data Products at Scale with Automated Snowflake Provisioning

Learn how a major health technology provider operationalized Snowflake provisioning and account creation for new clients while gaining a host of observability and security features.
June 1, 2024
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Data modernization has always been about empowering organizations to spend less time managing their data and more time putting it to work. Unfortunately, simply migrating to the cloud isn’t always enough to facilitate that kind of empowerment at scale. 

Take, for example, the case of a large healthcare technology company looking to automate Snowflake provisioning and account management processes to support their central mission:  providing stakeholders with access to vital data in over fifty therapeutic areas. 

At a glance, the customer had already taken all of the necessary steps to design and implement a modern data strategy centered on the Snowflake AI Data Cloud. But their internal data team knew that the manual process by which they created and provisioned accounts in Snowflake was quickly becoming a bottleneck for their organization as it grew—barring them from necessary insights and enhanced operational efficiencies.  

In this blog, we’ll look at how the health technology provider worked with Hakkoda to develop and implement code for automating the account creation and provisioning process. We’ll also look at the host of security and observability features this automation made possible, and how those features helped the customer manage costs while keeping sensitive information safe across a growing number of child accounts. 

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Doing it the Hard Way: Manual Provisioning and Blocked Insights Across Managed Accounts

When they first partnered with Hakkoda, the health technology provider was spending countless hours creating and maintaining Snowflake accounts and objects for their patients. Meanwhile, they weren’t set up to track account usage, limiting their visibility into customer behavior and spending trends within a growing number of child accounts. 

Their team knew they were wasting valuable resources and manpower while missing out on invaluable data insights that would help keep their data safe and cost-efficient, but they also knew that they would be faced with major compliance challenges as they looked to overhaul their account provisioning process. This transition was made all the more daunting by recent spikes in security breaches among healthcare organizations and the razor-thin margins that have historically plagued the healthcare industry as a whole.

Strategic Automation: Secure and Compliant Managed Account Provisioning with Observability Benefits

With Snowflake’s robust capabilities and Hakkoda’s expert support, however, the organization was able to develop repurposable code capable of automating the creation of new child accounts and the migration of data from existing ones. Hakkoda also identified the opportunity to develop a host of observability features that would allow the customer’s team to monitor account usage without compromising cross-regional data sharing—all while maintaining compliance with tight industry regulations.

Under this reworked platform, administrative overhead was drastically reduced with automated onboarding and migration functions, while cost and revenue trends were made visible thanks to new observability features. These changes made it possible for a small data team to manage the organization’s data platform, with a programmatic workflow for streamlined onboarding, centralized and automated maintenance, and instant alerts all in place to make management easier and more efficient. 

In short, the organization was able to stick the landing with data modernization while automating Snowflake provisioning by tapping Hakkoda’s SnowPro-certified experts to help them optimize their Snowflake environment and deploy its hidden capabilities.

Going Beyond Automated Snowflake Provisioning with Hakkōda

With the modern data stack, superior data insight and efficiency await. That’s why so many healthcare and life sciences organizations are determined to make 2024 the year of data modernization—and why so many orgs expect they’ll need outside help to make sure they stick the landing with their data modernization journey.

As the success story above demonstrates, there’s no end to the potential of the modern data stack if you have the expertise to harness its power. Hakkoda has a proven track record of lending their expert support to payer, provider, and medical technology companies looking not just to retire legacy tech debt and move to the modern data stack, but to get the most out of their data tech investments. The benefits of reducing administrative overhead and tapping into invaluable insights speak for themselves, and are waiting to be discovered through the power of the right data strategy and architecture.

Ready to stick the landing with your data modernization journey? Let’s talk about how you can start harnessing the power of automation and optimize your Snowflake environment today

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