State of Data
Healthcare Report 2024

What responses from top payer and provider data leaders reveal about the state of data modernization, returns on data investment, and GenAI use cases

Hakkoda’s State of Data Healthcare 2024 report offers an in-depth look at major trends in healthcare data technology, using a survey of 500 Director to CEO level data leaders, with 145 of those hailing from large healthcare organizations, to identify the top challenges, priorities, and opportunities the healthcare industry faces through 2027. 

Findings from the State of Data Healthcare 2024 report include: 

  • Just 11.3% of healthcare organizations surpassed their financial goals in 2023, but healthcare organizations report a strong average of 124%  ROI on all data investments.
  • 51% of healthcare orgs reported they’ll need to modernize their data stack “a great deal” in 2024, with 74% of healthcare organizations reporting that they intend to centralize on a cloud platform in the next two years. 
  • Just 28% of healthcare leaders believe their organizations have a high rate of data literacy, while 84% of healthcare orgs believed they would need a “moderate” to “large” amount of external support to help modernize their data stack this year.
  • 59% of healthcare orgs believed that GenAI will be “very” to “critically” important to their business by 2027, and 34% of healthcare organizations strongly agree that they have defined GenAI use cases that they are ready to implement.

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Much of the patient’s journey is never going to exist inside the medical records systems, but this data needs to be used to drive key decision-making that drives the organization forward. Breaking down data silos and bringing high volumes of data together from multiple sources on a centralized cloud platform is a huge challenge for many healthcare organizations, but this kind of modernization is what ultimately enables Patient 360 and sets them up for predictive and prescriptive analytics.”

- Chris Puuri, Global Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Hakkoda