Snowflake Consulting: What Top Performing Companies Look for In a Data Partner

Learn how Snowflake consulting can help businesses achieve their data goals faster while cutting costs, unlocking efficiencies, and fostering innovation.
February 29, 2024
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One of the biggest takeaways from Hakkoda’s State of Data report is that only 29% of organizations have already centralized their data on the cloud as of 2023. 

With 74% of orgs looking to make that leap this year, the report also illuminates how these late-blooming organizations might go about achieving that goal, with top performers in every industry outsource more of their data on average than their less-mature and lower-earning counterparts. 

For businesses weighing the option of moving their data to Snowflake, this means outside assistance from managed service providers, systems integrators, and Snowflake consulting firms may prove instrumental to success.

Writ large, the outsourcing of data management has already become the new norm, with only 2% of all orgs still handling their data needs in-house and 55% reporting that they outsourced at least half of their data in 2023. 

Within that relatively large pool of outside help, IT consulting firms continue to take on an increasingly vital role, helping organizations in highly complex industries like healthcare, the life sciences, and financial services navigate their unique technology needs and assemble the best modern data stack for their ongoing success.

By partnering with a Snowflake consultancy firm, businesses are not just navigating the complexities of data management in a field that makes it difficult to maneuver. They are also unlocking new opportunities for growth, efficiency, and higher returns on their technology investments by discovering the art of the possible. 

In this blog post, we will explore why organizations in complex industries are increasingly outsourcing their data strategy and management, and how they can benefit from working with a Snowflake consultancy firm when migrating to Snowflake or aiming to maximize their existing Snowflake investments.

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The Rising Need for Outsourcing Data in Complex Industries

As industries evolve into more complex ecosystems, the surge in data generation has become both a boon and a challenge. In sectors like healthcare, finance, and the public sector, where the intricacies of data management are magnified by regulatory requirements that require vigilent data governance, privacy, and security measures, the internal handling of such volumes can be daunting. 

This shift towards complexity necessitates a move away from traditional in-house data management practices towards outsourcing data management to external experts. 

Entrusting data to specialized firms not only alleviates the burden on internal resources but also grants access to cutting-edge technology and expertise that might not be available in-house. This transition is underpinned by the adoption of cloud-based platforms like Snowflake, which offer scalable, flexible solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of data-heavy industries.

Outsourcing thus emerges not merely as a strategy for managing data but as a transformative approach to harnessing its full potential, enabling organizations to stay agile, insight-driven, and focused on their core mission.

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Understanding the Advantage of a Data Stack Centered on Snowflake

Snowflake’s innovative cloud data platform stands out in the realm of data management, especially for data-intensive industries. Its unique architecture, which decouples computing power from data storage, enables unmatched scalability and flexibility while allowing organizations to save money and retire their legacy systems

By adopting Snowflake as the cornerstone of their data stack, organizations can simplify their data infrastructure, leading to improved operational efficiencies and quicker, more informed decision-making processes. Additionally, Snowflake enhances data collaboration and sharing capabilities, breaking down silos and fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making. 

For cloud-agnostic organizations looking to avoid vendor lock-in, meanwhile, Snowflake also supports multi-cloud or cross-cloud strategies, allowing organizations to leverage the best features of various cloud providers while maintaining a unified data ecosystem.

The Role of Snowflake Consulting in Seamless Migration

Transitioning to Snowflake from legacy systems or other data architectures can be a daunting task that demands expert guidance. This is especially true of intricate, highly regulated industries like healthcare or financial services, where security and compliance concerns can prove especially thorny.

Snowflake consulting firms close an important gap in this process, meticulously evaluating an organization’s current data setup and crafting a bespoke migration strategy that ensures data is transferred efficiently, securely, and cohesively. Their specialized knowledge in navigating Snowflake and its place within a modern data stack guarantees not just a transfer of data, but its optimization for enhanced performance and cost effectiveness. This means minimizing operational disruptions throughout the migration process and enabling businesses to capitalize on Snowflake’s capabilities faster. 

A trusted consulting partner doesn’t merely facilitate a seamless integration process, however. They also play a pivotal role in drawing up a long-term data roadmap for their customers, empowering internal teams through training and support, ensuring they are equipped to harness the platform’s full potential, and serving as a long-term collaborator as data needs grow and change.

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Snowflake Consulting and the Art of the Possible

Snowflake consulting firms are not just about smoothing the transition to Snowflake or enhancing its technical setup. Their greatest value lies in opening doors to transformative business capabilities. 

Snowflake consultants can guide organizations in unlocking Snowflake’s advanced analytics features, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to glean deeper insights that drive strategic decisions, or integrating best-in-breed tools and services within their Snowflake environments. 

With an arsenal of best practices and deep industry knowledge, consultants are instrumental in showing businesses how to harness data in novel ways, whether that’s direct data monetization or supporting existing workflows with the latest AI technologies

Consultants ensure that organizations are not just adapting to the changing data landscape but are leading the charge, staying ahead of competition by being agile and innovative. Through their guidance, the art of the possible becomes a tangible reality for businesses eager to explore the frontier of data capabilities.

Tapping Into Innovation with Hakkōda’s Snowflake Consulting Services

When embarking on the journey to enhance your data capabilities with Snowflake, the selection of a consultancy partner is pivotal. It’s essential to identify a consultancy that not only boasts a strong portfolio of successful Snowflake implementations, but also deeply comprehends the nuances of your specific industry and can augment Snowflake’s native capabilities with knowledge that spans the modern data stack. 

A consultancy that prioritizes collaboration, meanwhile, will set your organization up for long term success, working alongside your team, ensuring knowledge transfer, and fostering autonomy. The ideal partner is one that views your success as their success, demonstrating a commitment to not just meet but exceed your data management and analysis goals, ensuring that your investment in Snowflake yields tangible, long-term benefits.

At Hakkoda, we don’t shy away from our belief that Snowflake is the cloud platform of choice for organizations looking to get off the migration treadmill and future-proof their businesses. Our expert data teams work closely with experienced thought leaders from complex and highly regulated industries to build Snowflake-centric solutions while showing you possibilities you didn’t even know existed.

We can provide you with a pragmatic roadmap to achieving your data goals and the talent you need to get there—all while showing you the art of the possible in Snowflake.

Ready to join top performers in your field and start your data journey? Reach out to our Snowflake consultants today.

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