Co-innovation shakes up partner-client relationships

November 5, 2021

The emerging partnering approach creates closer ties between clients and service providers, but also has implications for risks and rewards; other IT channel news.

Tercera invests in Hakkoda

Tercera, an investment and advisory firm specializing in cloud professional services, has made Snowflake specialist Hakkoda its latest target.

Where the old way may have focused on managing costs and SLAs, your new relationships are going to be focused on outcomes.

Hakkoda has U.S. headquarters in Boulder, Colo., and operates its main delivery center in San Jose, Costa Rica. The company will use Tercera’s $5.6 million funding to boost its presence in North America and Costa Rica, expand its data engineering team in Latin America and build vertical-specific offerings on Snowflake’s cloud data platform.

Erik Duffield, CEO and co-founder of Hakkoda, said the company plans industry offerings in the healthcare vertical, for both payers and providers, and financial services, specifically retail banking. Hakkoda has hired architects and application developers from those industry sectors and will partner with clients and customer advisors, ideally under co-innovation relationships, Duffield said.

Hakkoda provides its Snowflake services, which include data migration, governance and application development, in a market dealing with data sprawl. A Hakkoda-commissioned survey of more than 300 IT and business data leaders found 35% use five or more data warehouses.

“We knew, from experience, there was usually more than one, but 35% having more than five is a big surprise after all these years [of business users] chasing a single version of the truth,” Duffield said. The need for an enterprise-wide data repository has spawned layers of IT projects aiming to consolidate data to improve consistency and quality, he added.

Source: John Moore, TechTarget

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