Customer Stories

A Large Healthcare Organization Migrates from Teradata to Snowflake

Cost reduction on Snowflake vs Teradata
0 %
Faster testing on Snowflake
0 x
Increase in query efficiency
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Full decommissioning of the legacy Teradata platform.

All applications and dashboards running on Snowflake.

Alerts and monitoring put in place to proactively monitor performance.


A large healthcare payer needed to migrate 12 databases and more than 2 Petabytes of data from Teradata to Snowflake.

The healthcare organization struggled with testing, logging, and slow iterations, requiring 96 hours across 3 people a week to manage manual migration processes. 

The healthcare payer sought to quickly migrate all databases to Snowflake and fully decommission Teradata. Their key indicators of success were cost reduction, faster query performance, and human resource reduction. 


Hakkoda’s expert Healthcare & Life Sciences team built a POC focused on migrating the largest table of data, delivering a high value/high usage dashboard and optimizing the most expensive queries. The POC was a success, and the large healthcare organization was able to continue their migration confident that Snowflake was the best solution.

3 workstreams were created to migrate all databases in parallel. All pipelines were connected & BI dashboards were rebuilt to work with Snowflake. Each workstream ensured the DDL conversion and migration was done correctly. All data was validated to ensure quality.

More than 700 queries were migrated and Teradata was decommissioned. Hakkoda optimized and improved efficiency across all queries and workflows, leveraging our automated accelerator, AQPT, to decrease human resource needs by 16X. Overall, the organization saw 60% cost reduction and 85% faster testing on Snowflake.

The Model

1 Hakkōda Accelerator Used:


5 Full Time Resources:

3 Data Engineers

1 Data Scientist

1 Data Analyst

Project Duration:

8 Months

“Hakkoda continues to work closely in a flexible model with the large healthcare organization. The initial team focus was around architecture and engineering. We have now moved into data science and app development as the healthcare organization has become more familiar and comfortable building on Snowflake.”
– Dana George, Lead Data Scientist

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