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CoreLogic Monetizes Their Data with Snowflake Native Apps

CoreLogic partnered with Hakkoda to make the leap to Snowflake and uplift their ability to scale and process their current and new projects.



CoreLogic is a data analytics and technology company that provides information intelligence to identify and manage growth opportunities, improve business performance and manage risk. After more than ten years in business, CoreLogic began moving their infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform three years ago. 

The next step, therefore, was to bring their tools to Snowflake. According to CoreLogic Chief Innovation Officer John Rogers, “Part of our strategy is to provide choice and flexibility to our clients. And what that means is really meeting them in their world, in their cloud stack and their tech stack. One of those important worlds is Snowflake.” Since their move, the company has seen massive uplift in terms of scale, processing speed and security. 

But what did they need to bring their tools to Snowflake?


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CoreLogic partnered with Hakkoda to quickly build data models and applications within Snowflake. Over a period of three months, Hakkoda provided the know-how to set them up in Snowflake. Such a process included the creation of Clip (CoreLogic Integrated Property), a Snowflake native app that provides every US property with a unique identifier — very similar to a Social Security number, but for properties. 

Clip has allowed users to find the data they need from a set of properties, and use it to generate unique insights within Snowflake. Because property identity has been a difficult problem to solve, solutions such as Clip have been a game-changer. Instead of spending weeks or months on specific property, experts in Corelogic can now monitor and analyze key data in a matter of minutes.

We’re now monitoring the speed of setup, the speed at which they can clip their portfolio, and analyze data. Because we want to do it in minutes and hours rather than days, weeks, and unfortunately sometimes months, historically. That’s what we’re measuring actively every day.

John Rogers, Chief Innovation Officer

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