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How a Used Vehicle Retailer Shortened its Snowflake Migration Timeline by Outsourcing Data Conversion

objects converted in 4 months
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reduction in blocker resolution time
full stack migration

Accelerated Teradata to Snowflake migration timeline by providing the project with a blend of talent and targeted IP.

Introduced standup sessions and working groups that improved communications between internal and external teams.

Rescoped code conversion and ingestion based on a data prioritization system. ​


A large, U.S.-based used vehicle retailer needed to modernize its technology stack and was midway through the process of migrating from Teradata into Snowflake. Unfortunately, the migration project was behind schedule and had surpassed its maximum allocation of talent.

The customer needed to shorten the migration timeline while outsourcing more of the migration effort to an external data team. They also needed a proactive data partner that could help them streamline workflows and prioritize mission-critical data. Finally, Teradata objects and artifacts needed to be validated for accuracy and completeness once ingested into Snowflake.


Hakkoda provided the used vehicle retailer with a lean team of data engineers to help the customer’s internal and Snowflake teams expedite the migration process. In addition to their data stack expertise, this team brought a proactive approach that closed communication gaps between project stakeholders by implementing daily standup sessions that facilitated quick acclimation to the project and a regular cadence of updates.

Hakkoda engineers also introduced a new workflow that would divide the migration and validation of Teradata objects based on a system of prioritization, ensuring the most mission-critical data was transferred and validated first rather than bulking work into a steady stream of disjointed assignments. This new workflow cut down an average blocker resolution time from three days to one.

Finally, to deliver the efficiency and speed the client sought without requiring a 1:1 scale of human resources, the Hakkoda data team helped the large used vehicle retailer leverage migration accelerators – IP honed over decades of migration experience to help organizations eliminate manual tasks and drive massive efficiency gains while delivering trusted outcomes.

The Model

Technology Used:


Full Time Resources:

4 Data Engineers

Project Duration:

7 Months (Ongoing)

“Working with a team that really understood the intricacies of their industry and had a depth of hands-on experience migrating from Teradata to Snowflake made all the difference for this client. Previously, the large used-vehicle retailer had vast volumes of data that was inaccessible to their org. Today, they're able to operate without silos, delivering fast, powerful analytics to users across their business.”
Rico Mawcinitt
– Ricardo Mawcinitt, Director at Hakkoda

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