How Financial Services Leaders are Automating Modern Asset Management and Business Analytics with the MAMBA Snowflake Environment

On-Demand Webinar with Hakkōda & Snowflake

Access this on-demand webinar from Hakkōda and Snowflake

Dive into the latest market trends with experienced financial sector CIOs, quants, and data experts.

  • Learn how financial services organizations are automating their asset management and business analytics to generate alpha in increasingly volatile markets
  • Discover new tools that integrate seamlessly with the Snowflake Data Cloud and Sigma to enrich data assets and deliver a competitive edge
  • Hear a diverse panel of financial services experts answer pressing questions about what’s happening in the marketplace

Watch the Webinar

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Meet Your Experts

Anand Pandya

Anand Pandya

Global Head of Financial Services at Hakkōda

Andrew Visich

Analytic Engineer at Hakkōda

Chris Napoli

Head of Wealth & Asset Management at Snowflake