Hakkoda Kickstarts its Snowflake Consulting European Journey from Portugal

Hakkoda’s journey in Europe is on its way. Much like our navigators during the global overseas expansion in the 15th century, Portugal will be our homeport for Snowflake consulting.
March 24, 2023
Hakkoda Kickstarts its Snowflake Consulting European Journey from Portugal - Snowflake Consulting - Hakkoda

Those Hakkodans who have already experienced Puki Yuki, our quarterly onboarding event in Costa Rica for all new joiners, will say that a whole new corporate experience begins the moment they step on the bus that will take them to the office. Whether you’re experiencing some jet lag from a long flight from Lisbon or just fresh off a plane from the U.S., you can feel a shift in the atmosphere. 

Why does it feel different? Maybe it’s because our founders are the first ones to greet you, exuding energy —all while you’re trying to find a place to sit. Or perhaps it’s the fact that, regardless of whether it’s your first week or your second month, it feels like you already know everyone. When you enter the Hakkoda office and are greeted by the Costa Rican team with one of the best cups of coffee you’ll ever taste, you know that you’ve joined a different type of company. 

Hakkoda chose Portugal as its European home in part because of the exceptional cultural fit. Portugal’s approach to work-life balance and collaboration, along with the presence of a talented technical workforce invested in developing international markets, makes the market a perfect location for Hakkoda. Costa Rica’s “pura vida” philosophy bears a striking similarity to the Portuguese way of living: in each country you’ll find hard-working people who enjoy every bit of their life and their country.

Portugal as the Expansion Platform for Snowflake Consulting

Hakkoda’s CEO and founder, Erik Duffield, has previous experience building successful teams in Portugal. Back in 2018, after considering other locations in Europe, Erik chose Portugal to build the second largest office in Europe for a cloud consulting company. Setting up a highly-skilled team in Portugal supported the company’s growth plans for Europe.

After this success, and with several lessons under their belt, the Hakkoda founders decided to take a similar approach to the Snowflake ecosystem. That’s why Hakkoda is building a talented data team and innovation center that will allow Portugal to support European customers. This team, powered by architects, leads and engineers, will be the foundation of a trainee program that will help foster and grow Portuguese data talent.

Innovation is at the heart of everything Hakkoda does, and building solutions and accelerators is an important part of our work. Portugal will be the bridge between European customers and the fantastic work of our US and Costa Rica teams. The Hakkoda Portugal center will not only showcase our current portfolio, but develop an innovation pipeline around data applications, data science and more.

Discover your Data Career in Snowflake Consulting with Hakkoda Portugal

Our goal for the Portugal office is to hire thirty data enthusiasts over the period of a year. We’re currently building the perfect office to match our culture. This will be a space for our Hakkoda colleagues to fly across the ocean and spend some quality time with their Portuguese counterparts, as well as a space for the local team to call home. This innovation hub will allow Hakkoda to bring together customers and partners from all over Europe, offering a safe and dedicated environment for work and play.

Hakkoda is the leading services and solutions provider across the entire Snowflake ecosystem. As part of Hakkoda’s dedication to learning and development, the first 30 days of every new joiner’s onboarding is dedicated to our extensive Snowflake training program, leading to SnowPro certification. This is just the beginning of the Modern Data Stack journey with Hakkoda, where training on platforms like dbt, Fivetran, Matillion, Coalesce, Alation, Sigma and many more is a provided and essential part of every technical role. 

The European Snowflake consulting market has increased exponentially in recent years. When you combine that with our fast growing baseline of US Customers and the fact that Hakkoda’s Snowflake Elite partnership, the projects we deliver from Portugal will be truly transformative.

Want to learn more about Hakkoda’s plans for Portugal and how to boost your Data Career? Feel free to contact us or to check our current open positions.

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