Hakkōda and Shipyard Join Forces to Power Data Transformation and Innovation in the Cloud

Hakkoda announces its strategic partnership with Shipyard, bringing clients the benefits of their SnowPro Certified teams and secure, easy-to-use workflow automation platform to make working in the cloud easier than ever.
May 15, 2024
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New York, NY – May 15, 2024Hakkoda, a modern data consultancy specializing in the Snowflake Data Cloud, today announced its strategic partnership with Shipyard, a workflow automation platform that combines the ease of low-code development with the freedom and transparency of OSS. Shipyard will pair their platform’s powerful capabilities with Hakkoda’s 100% SnowPro certified teams to empower clients to harness the full potential of the ever-evolving modern data stack.

“The Hakkoda team is ecstatic to announce our partnership with Shipyard,” said Abhi Majumdar, Global Head of Modern Data Stack at Hakkoda. “Our shared mission to bring world-class, cloud-native data strategy and architecture to highly complex and tightly regulated industries makes this partnership a natural fit. Shipyard’s point-and-click and native multi-cloud integrations with Snowflake, paired with the data tools we use on a regular basis, like dbt and Coalesce, lets Hakkoda drive immediate business value for our customers. The platform scales, adds velocity to our Data engineering efforts with a governed operational framework that respects the secure SaaS integration our customers demand. We look forward to continuing to drive competitive value and innovation for our customers, powered by the low-code flexibility and speed of Shipyard’s data operations platform.”

With Shipyard, clients will be able to deploy the sophisticated data functions of centralized cloud platforms like Snowflake with an easy-to-use UI that allows data teams to access underlying coding, all while enjoying Shipyard’s unparalleled security, specifically engineered to serve teams facing challenging industry regulations.

“This partnership represents a major milestone in Shipyard’s mission to deliver secure DataOps and orchestration solutions to highly regulated industries, particularly enterprise healthcare and financial services,” said Blake Burch, CEO of Shipyard. “Together, we’re ushering in a future where each new data request is no longer a herculean feat, innovation never stops, and where data can always get used to its fullest potential.”

About Hakkōda

Hakkoda leads the world in Snowflake consulting. We supply the talent and managed services that organizations need to transform their cloud data architecture. Our Snowflake specialists work with clients in healthcare, finance, and the public sector so they can deliver data-driven innovation. To learn more, visit hakkoda.io.

About Shipyard

Shipyard is driven by a mission to simplify every company’s data operations. They are creating an ecosystem where organizations can break down data silos and move beyond dashboards towards a future of fully automated, data-driven actions. The founding team draws on their previous experience at top agencies and media companies, handling high-throughput digital advertising and inventory data for Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit www.shipyardapp.com.

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