Unlocking the Full Potential of Snowflake for SAP Data with Hakkōda

Although many organizations deploy tools alongside SAP to maintain enterprise functions, cross-functionality can be limited. Snowflake offers a platform where data tools can be leveraged to unlock their full potential.
June 18, 2024
SAP data products

SAP is the world’s most successful and innovative ERP company, and its core system is responsible for keeping enterprises functioning for the biggest and brightest data-driven organizations across industries. But without a centralized data cloud platform like Snowflake, SAP data products can’t reach their full potential, as SAP is best utilized in conjunction with a host of other enterprise tools that come with limited cross-functionality, creating data silos that can be difficult to bridge.

With many organizations deploying tools like Salesforce, Kronos, Workday, and others alongside SAP to maintain enterprise functions, cross-functionality issues limit their data’s potential for transformative optimization, as these tools can only process a limited scope of data. That’s where Snowflake comes in, offering a platform where data tools can be leveraged in conjunction with one another to unlock the full potential of their combined functionalities.

Overcoming the Challenges of Data Management in a Multi-Tool Environment Strategies

There are countless reasons why the modern data stack depends upon centralized data cloud platforms. Still, one of the most important is the ability to bring all your data tools and capabilities together on one platform. Over the past several years, the proliferation of data tools has meant that organizations have more data and data functions at their disposal than ever, but that also created a need to bring these disparate tools together in a more synergistic fashion.

Companies still modernizing their data stack know that, without a centralized data cloud platform, more tools can mean more confusion, inefficiency, and indecision. The problem is that these tools are only designed to address specific areas and functions of the enterprise. Still, good businesses need to be capable of gaining and leveraging a more holistic view of their operations. That’s why Snowflake, SAP, and other enterprise tools are so powerful when deployed together, as they enable a more unified, holistic approach to data and enterprise management.

Future-Proofing Your Enterprise with Snowflake & SAP Data Products

While it’s possible to succeed in the multi-tool environment without a centralized cloud platform, that prospect becomes daunting as more tools become incorporated into your organization’s workflow. More tools mean more cross-functionality issues, more data that are siloed away, and more inefficient processes for your data team as they try to get the most out of SAP and other tools.

With Snowflake, SAP is always working in concert with your organization’s other data tools, even as you add new tools or drop old tools from your workflow. Whereas before adopting or abandoning data tools could have meant weeks of organizational transition and troubleshooting, after migrating to Snowflake, SAP data will always be pushed to its full potential through total data synergy, even as your other tools change.

Your organization no longer needs to worry about the shifting landscape of data and enterprise management: tools can come and go, but with Snowflake, your data products will always have a home.

Getting More out of Your SAP Data Products with Hakkōda

Ready to unlock the potential of your SAP data products? Ready to make full use of SAP plus your enterprise data ecosystem? Let’s talk today about how Hakkoda can help you achieve a new level of data synergy.

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