Hakkoda Named Fivetran’s Regional Rising Star Partner of the Year

On October 20, 2022, Fivetran named Hakkoda their Rising Star Partner of the Year, affirming an important partnership that helps organizations progress on their data innovation journey.
October 20, 2022
Rising Star Partner of the Year - Hakkoda

We’re delighted to announce that Hakkoda is Fivetran’s Regional Rising Star Partner of the Year for the Americas. Our partnership with Fivetran has accelerated our ability to enable data-driven organizations. We’ve done so by syncing data from cloud applications, databases and event logs.

Hakkoda Partnerships Fuel Data Innovation

Hakkoda’s mission is to empower data-driven organizations. We recognize each organization has unique goals. And they all start with their own set of capabilities and talent. Thus, we’ve structured the Data Innovation Journey to build a roadmap for the future.  A key component in the journey from Data Chaos into Order, and ultimately Innovation, is the establishment of repeatable, reliable customer data pipelines from many sources. Our partnership with Fivetran fuels this step in the journey. 

Our outside-in thinking has helped us deliver a cutting-edge perspective. Yet we’ve gone beyond that. As Ryan Tucker, Chief Revenue Officer at Hakkoda indicates, 


“Hakkoda's data team is purpose-built to bring the talent, technology, and techniques to speed up client innovation. Our ability to be deliberate about our partnerships from the start is a competitive advantage. What's important about this: Fivetran is at the heart of our capabilities. Fivetran allows our teams and our clients' teams to spend less time wrangling data. Thus, we have more time analyzing it and driving innovation."

Hakkoda has helped many organizations harvest value from data-driven efforts. Our expertise revolves around simplifying, automating, and speeding up business analytics. This has rapidly become a modern business imperative. 

Why We’re the Regional Rising Star Partner of the Year

Hakkoda is an elite Snowflake-focused data consultancy and managed service provider. We offer a new breed of data engineering services. The company’s main goal is to guide organizations towards a data-driven future. To do so, we enable high-speed and high-quality data insights across all business areas. 

Based in Costa Rica, Hakkoda offers a team of trained experts capable of co-innovating and taking your business to the next level. The company has been successful in earning the trust of marquee clients. This year, Hakkoda became Snowflake’s Emerging SI of the Year for the Americas.

Is your organization interested in starting their data innovation journey with state-of-the-art data solutions? Contact us today. 

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