Leveraging the Power of Data: An Introduction to Hakkoda

At Hakkoda, we leverage the power of data to help companies tackle complex data challenges by making full use of our expertise in cloud-based technologies. Who are we and why to we excel at what we do?
October 24, 2022
Power of Data - Hakkoda

Defining Hakkoda in a few words is simple. We’re an Elite Snowflake systems integrator and managed service provider (MSP) focused on helping enterprises realize their opportunity through data. But these words can only briefly explain what the company, and our people, are all about. 

With the emergence of the modern data stack and the mass migration of data workloads to the cloud, the rise of the data cloud and multi-party analytics, and Snowflake’s rapid growth —the founders of Hakkoda saw an incredible opportunity to completely change how organizations think about data. By revolutionizing how data is acquired, curated, and leveraged, we can help your organization produce the next big thing. 

The pandemic amplified and accelerated the importance of data-driven applications and data-based decision making. And each industry faces a specific set of challenges in terms of data. That’s where we come in. We turn chaos into order by helping your organization transition from legacy systems and processes to embrace an innovation-driven, automated modern stack.

What We Offer

We guide your organization towards a data-driven future through a wide range of services. Starting with data strategy and architecture, our outside-in thinking can help you deliver a cutting-edge perspective. If you’re looking for high-quality insights, Hakkoda can help you access high speed, high quality data consistently across all areas of your business.

Effective data engineering requires adopting automation and in-line quality controls. We work on data access and utility to improve the quality of your analytics. From the creation of high-speed pipelines to the implantation of best-practices and frameworks, we embed data quality into our efforts with the help of partners such as MonteCarlo and Soda.

The need to incorporate data-driven efforts and to simplify, automate, and accelerate business analytics has become a business imperative.  From healthcare to financial services —businesses in any vertical simply must increase the velocity of their data innovation journey. Hakkoda brings together the modern technology, techniques and talent organizations are looking for to create value from data. 

Finally, we develop a data-sharing strategy to help your organization maintain control of your data in order to increase access, growth and actualize opportunities. Data sharing can not only help monetize data as the business asset it truly represents, it empowers communities and individuals to approach current and future issues under a different lens. 

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How We Do It

At every stage of your data innovation journey, we’re ready to accompany you with a team of subject matter experts. Our approach is to scale up or down, changing the skills mix in order to meet your objectives and requirements. This agility allows our client organizations to consume services based on demand, similar to the consumption software model Snowflake offers.

We create value quickly with a starter pod, a small team of experts that will assess the situation and establish the foundation and direction your data journey demands. As the roadmap progresses, we leverage data engineering, data science, and even data-driven full stack application development talent to make solid progress from POC and minimum value product (MVP) stages to full releases.  

Hakkoda is focused on real value, not endless theoretical discussion. We achieve this by leveraging acute projects and retiring backlog with agile scalable teams. We also deploy pods and larger teams driving large enterprise migrations, and help retire burdensome legacy technology debt.

Having a scalable team provides great benefits to your project. Because we adapt to your needs as they change, your organization can successfully accomplish your business objectives while staying on budget

As a nearshore managed data service provider, we have a team of highly-skilled English-fluent professionals based in Costa Rica. The country’s key geographic location offers clients the benefit  of working within the same time zone and similar norms and corporate culture, allowing teams to work more effectively towards innovative solutions. The end result is high-quality work tailored to your needs, when and where you need it.

Leveraging the Power of Data

Our expertise goes hand-in-hand with a different approach to how we work. As a core Hakkoda company value, we are  invested in impacting positive change in the communities and environment that surrounds us. Since our corporate citizenship and our core beliefs and behavior impact the greater communities we live and work in, we’re committed to harnessing the power of data to solve the world’s toughest challenges. 

A prime example of this is manifest in our work in marine data science, which has focused on solving challenges such as seafood traceability. Using state-of-the-art data technologies, including leading, modern data and analytics tools such as Snowflake and Sigma’s BI stack, we have helped the governing bodies, public policy makers, environmental entities and even the consumer make more informed, environmentally-friendly decisions. Some of our initiatives in this field have allowed us to experiment, test, learn and get better at the data work we do for commercial clients. 

Our core conviction at the origin of Hakkoda —to unlock the potency of data to solve business problems and meet the moment of current future and opportunity that goes hand-in-hand with our clients— has already been resoundingly affirmed.  For over a year, we have been successful in earning the trust of marquee clients, and, along the way, being named Snowflake’s Emerging SI of the Year for the Americas.

While this is undoubtedly positive, we believe our impact is only just beginning.

If you’re looking to work together with a team of experts to create solutions that respond to your needs, contact us today.

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