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For purposes of price transparency the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires Healthcare Providers to make pricing models publicly available, adhering to specific technical standards for how the data must be shared. These data sets are often times made available in a semi-structure format and can be quite large; we’ve often seen files over 150MB+ and upwards of Terabyte in extreme cases.

Snowflake has amazing support for storing semistructured files directly in your relational database. It supports working with those files in a variety of ways from the Snowpark application to direct SQL queries. However these large price transparency files tend to exceed the supported size.


Hakkoda has addressed this challenge with an accelerator called Looking Glass. Looking Glass has two components currently:

  • A cloud native application accelerator that restructures these large price transparency files, while maintaining data lineage
  • A fully structured reusable model

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