Snowflake provides all the necessary tools to maintain an environment, but implementation can be tedious, convoluted, and time-consuming – Especially if you’re working with complex roles and policy access requirements at a large, dynamic enterprise. In this scenario, companies have two options. The first one is to manually create and maintain SQL scripts written by experts to help implement policies defined by the decision makers. The second option is to purchase an expensive third-party tool that will handle all policy implementation for you.

Enter Tundra, an accessible, Hakkoda-designed accelerator created to configure Snowflake objects and role-based access policies while maintaining version control and providing auditability. Through Tundra, you and your team can easily implement data-access policies, ensuring cleaner processes, less risk and swifter audits.


Hakkoda created Tundra as a Snowflake object creation management tool and a role-based access accelerator. As your team (and your project) grows, Tundra allows you to configure environment standards and defaults, as well as create definitions for Snowflake provisioning and security. Tundra allows teams to dynamically generate outcomes by project, environment or role. Without the burden of manually establishing policy implementation, your team can save time, money and effort by helping you generate the code you need.

Tundra helps you provision and maintain Snowflake using desired-state definitions rather than code. You can easily set standards and naming conventions, indicate resource ownership roles, and set project names and environments. Ready to quickly manage your warehouses based on usage, create auto-generated object-access roles, and specify your databases based on project needs? Let’s talk.

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