Hakkoda Raises $5.6 Million for On-Demand Cloud Data and Snowflake Experts

November 3, 2021

Hakkoda is a cloud data startup that works to help business owners manage and optimize Snowflake bypassing the need to hire in-house teams. The company recently announced the close of its most recent funding round to help expand current offerings and grow the business.

hat Hakkoda Offers and Rapid Growth in Demand

Cloud data startup Hakkoda provides business owners with on-demand teams of Snowflake experts, cloud data engineers, and app developers. These teams can be called upon by business owners and scaled to meet the needs of businesses of any size. The company focuses primarily on preparing and collecting relevant data from the cloud so business owners can utilize it to its fullest extent.

Since business owners don’t have to constantly staff an in-house team of cloud data engineers, they can save money and still have access to Hakkoda’s expertise at a moment’s notice. Additionally, the subscription-based model that the startup provides ensures that prices will not surge based on demand or the number of Snowflake specialists needed per project.

Hakkoda also offers a Snowflake concierge to help train and onboard new users to the cloud data service. Other services provided by the company are automated data pipelines and no-code apps that help users take advantage of their cloud data.

The cloud data startup has seen significant growth in demand for its services as more business owners begin to use Snowflake. Hakkoda recently onboarded US Foods as a new business client. US Foods is a food company that serves over 300,000 different restaurants and service operators.

Hakkoda is a small part of the rapidly growing cloud storage and data market, which was worth $21.5 billion in 2020. By 2028, the global market is projected to be worth over $94 billion. This will be achieved at a compound annual growth rate of 20.35%. The company expects to see demand for its own services grow at a similar rate during this time period as well.

Hakkoda Funding Round and Plans for Expansion

In its most recent funding round, Hakkoda raised $5.6 million in capital. The funding round was led by Tercera with participation from several individual investors.

Hakkoda plans on using the new funding to support business growth in North America and Costa Rica. The startup will be building a flagship delivery center and customer innovation center in Costa Rica and expects to add 300 new employees from the area. The company recently partnered with the Costa Rican government and Rocket Girls to help train and identify new talent in the cloud data industry.

When commenting on the latest funding for Hakkoda, John Donovan, an investor in the startup and former CTO and CEO of AT&T Communications, said, “The growth of the Snowflake ecosystem has been remarkable, and enterprises are finally realizing what they can create through the power of data. Hakkoda brings a fresh approach and empowers its customers to unlock the potential of Snowflake. I’m inspired by the Hakkoda leadership team, and excited to see how this infusion of capital propels the company forward to make an even greater impact on the world.”

Source: Startup Savant, Thomas Price.

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