Hakkōda Wins Fivetran’s 2024 Innovation Partner of the Year, Americas

Hakkoda is thrilled to announce that it has been recognized as Fivetran’s 2024 Americas Innovation Partner of the Year.
March 19, 2024
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New York, NY – March 19, 2024Hakkoda, the leading Snowflake consulting firm, today announced that it has been recognized by Fivetran, the global data movement leader, as its 2024 Americas Innovation Partner of the Year.

This award acknowledges Hakkoda’s collaborative spirit and shared passion for customer success while also recognizing the company’s dedication and expertise in driving innovation in data modernization and beyond

As shown in Hakkoda’s recent State of Data report, 79% of companies looking to modernize their data stack in 2024 indicate the need a “moderate” or “large” amount of outside help centralizing their data in the cloud. Robust partnerships like the one between Hakkoda and Fivetran will play an invaluable role in helping organizations across industries reach their data goals this year while delivering stronger returns on their data technology investments. 

Fivetran, a leader in global data movement and integration, is trusted by thousands of brands around the world, ranging from startups to the Fortune 500, with extracting, loading, and transforming their most valuable data assets. Fivetran’s best-in-breed platform for automated data movement plays a vital role in Hakkoda’s mission to enable data-driven futures and drive innovation for our customers, automating  cumbersome and time-consuming ELT processes, freeing up data teams to focus on mission-critical operations and objectives. 

“The Hakkoda team is ecstatic to be named Fivetran’s 2024 Americas Partner of the Year,” said Ryan Tucker, Hakkoda’s CRO and co-founder.  “We believe this award reflects our commitment to customer success and innovation, powered by the best tools and technology the modern data stack has to offer. Hakkoda and Fivetran were built to address the same ideal customer profile, and we’ve loved working with the Fivetran team to create custom connectors and infrastructure-as-code solutions for joint customers in that space. We can’t wait to continue collaborating with them to enable data-driven insights, outcomes, and futures for our clients.”

For more information about Fivetran’s automated data movement platform, visit fivetran.com.

About Hakkōda

Hakkoda leads the world in Snowflake consulting. We supply the talent and managed services that organizations need to transform their cloud data architecture. Our Snowflake specialists work with clients in healthcare, finance, and the public sector so they can deliver data-driven innovation. To learn more, visit hakkoda.io.

About Fivetran

Fivetran, the global leader in data movement, helps customers use their data to power everything from AI applications and ML models, to predictive analytics and operational workloads. The Fivetran platform reliably and securely centralizes data from hundreds of SaaS applications and databases into any cloud destination — whether deployed on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Thousands of global brands, including Autodesk, Condé Nast, JetBlue and Morgan Stanley, trust Fivetran to move their most valuable data assets to fuel analytics, drive operational efficiencies and power innovation. For more info, visit fivetran.com.

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