The 2023 Business Guide to Data Management Modernization

Deep dive into some of the major trends powering scale, innovation, and competitive advantages for data driven organizations in 2023.
January 11, 2023
The 2023 Business Guide to Data Management Modernization - Data Management - Hakkoda
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The 2023 Business Guide to Data Management Modernization

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What’s Inside: At a Glance

Machine Learning

  • Democratization of data through updated governance models will expand the use of business analytics throughout organizations.
    Meanwhile, machine learning will accelerate the pace of business, requiring real-time analytics to keep up.

Data Modernization

  • The ability to manage data will increasingly differentiate market-leading revenue generators from competitors. The term “data management” covers all aspects of handling data—from acquisition to storing and processing. In 2023, data modernization will drive business intelligence and either advance business success or hold companies back.

Headless Business Intelligence

  • Looking forward, headless BI will continue to be one of the principal factors driving data modernization. Headless BI entails separating the front end from the back end of online services. The drive to customize the front-end experience for users will continue to create data silos on the back end. As a result, metrics stores will come to the rescue for many organizations.

Growth of Automation

  • In a bid to improve performance, automation will become more widespread and intelligent. Previously, automation has been used in a fragmentary way and with relatively simple tools. The next year will bring steep advances in the practice and function of
    business automation.

Data Governance Changes

  • Following governance changes, more companies will develop privacy policies to meet growing pressure from customers and regulators. Companies will also focus on standardizing metadata to enhance data quality. This often overlooked activity makes data more reusable. 

Data Analytics Shifts

  • Data analytics will give businesses the necessary understanding to make smarter decisions and outwit the competition. Information on customers and operations can reveal the more efficient choices for tough situations. It takes effective data management to rise above the fray, making this a key consideration for the new year.

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