Revolutionizing Data in Real Estate with Snowflake

Hakkoda's collaboration with CoreLogic revolutionized real estate data analytics with Snowflake. Learn how CoreLogic streamlined data modeling, enhanced customer experience, and empowered clients with valuable insights.
May 26, 2023
Hakkoda - Data in Real Estate - Transforming Data in Real Estate with Snowflake

The real estate industry is a vast and complex landscape, with numerous factors influencing property values. CoreLogic, a leading data analytics and technology company, plays a crucial role in empowering real estate agents, insurers, and lenders with valuable insights to navigate the market. 

In their pursuit of enhancing customer experience and embracing multi-cloud strategies, CoreLogic partnered with Hakkoda, a specialized systems integrator. This case study explores how Hakkoda helped CoreLogic leverage Snowflake‘s platform to streamline data modeling, drive innovation, and deliver exceptional value to its clients.

The Power of Data in Real Estate

Real estate is the largest asset class globally, and its value is subject to various dynamic factors such as climate change, local economies, and property structures. CoreLogic recognizes the importance of accurate and up-to-date data to assist its clients in making informed decisions, mitigating risks, and driving business growth. 

CoreLogic Chief Innovation Officer, John Rogers, added “part of our strategy is to provide choice and flexibility to our clients. And what that means is really meeting them in their world, in their cloud stack and their tech stack. One of those important worlds is Snowflake.” Since CoreLogic’s migration to Snowflake, the company has seen massive uplift in terms of scale, processing speed and security. 

Recognizing the growing adoption of multi-cloud strategies in highly-regulated industries, CoreLogic decided to integrate its operations with Snowflake, a popular cloud data platform. By migrating their infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), CoreLogic gained significant benefits in terms of scalability, processing speed, and security. Additionally, leveraging GCP’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities allowed CoreLogic to understand their clients’ needs better.

Overcoming the Challenges of Data in Real Estate with Specialized Expertise

To seamlessly transition its data models and applications to Snowflake, CoreLogic turned to Hakkoda, a trusted systems integrator with expertise in building solutions within the Snowflake ecosystem. Working with Hakkoda, CoreLogic successfully completed the migration process in just three months, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition. By relying on Hakkoda’s specialized knowledge and experience, CoreLogic eliminated the need for its internal teams to navigate a new technology stack independently.

We would obviously love to learn as a company, but I don't want to learn every single mistake as we forge a new path into a new technology stack like Snowflake. Hakkoda really provided the expertise, the know-how, and the drive to set us up in Snowflake... I think doing it ourselves would have taken double the time.

Building Snowflake Native Apps: Clip

One of the key achievements resulting from the collaboration between CoreLogic and Hakkoda is the development of the CoreLogic Integrated Property (Clip) application. Clip assigns a unique identifier to each property, enabling users to access comprehensive historical data, including valuations, ownership changes, tax information, and environmental data. This user-friendly application empowers clients to gain valuable insights from their property portfolios, eliminating the burdensome task of data wrangling.

Over a period of three months, Hakkoda provided the know-how to establish CoreLogic’s systems in Snowflake and begin building Clip. Clip has allowed users to find the data they need from a set of properties, and use it to generate unique insights within Snowflake. Because property identity has been a difficult problem to solve, solutions such as Clip have been a game-changer. Instead of spending weeks or months on specific property, experts in Corelogic can now monitor and analyze key data in a matter of minutes.

Expanding Capabilities and Enhancing Customer Experience

CoreLogic’s collaboration with Hakkoda does not end with the Clip application. The two companies plan to roll out additional functionalities on the Snowflake platform. One notable addition is property climate risk analytics, allowing clients to assess the financial exposure and risks associated with changing climate conditions up to 2050. Moreover, CoreLogic aims to leverage Snowflake’s precision marketing tools, enabling lenders and other companies to target customers with tailored messages based on property data and behavioral patterns.

The successful partnership between CoreLogic and Hakkoda has demonstrated the transformative potential of specialized systems integrators and multi-cloud strategies in the real estate industry. By leveraging Snowflake’s platform and Hakkoda’s expertise, CoreLogic has empowered its clients with seamless access to comprehensive property data and innovative analytics tools. 

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, CoreLogic remains committed to delivering exceptional value, driving innovation, and meeting its customers’ needs in their preferred cloud environments.

"We have very talented people, but there's always a learning curve. Speed to market, as well as supporting CoreLogic data engineers and data scientists, was key for me, and working with a specialized SI like Hakkoda just fits the bill perfectly."

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