A Balm for Burnout: How to Stem the Nurse Attrition Crisis with Predictive Modeling

A Webinar with Hakkōda & Snowflake

On-Demand Webinar for Healthcare Professionals

Dive into exciting new use cases for predictive modeling with proven healthcare leaders and data experts.

  • Hear from healthcare executives about the nursing attrition crisis and how it is costing healthcare organizations millions of dollars while hurting the quality of care they can provide.


  • Explore how the Nurse Attrition Streamlit solution by Hakkoda and Snowflake can help healthcare organizations and other businesses make real-time decisions and provide critical interventions to prevent burnout in at-risk employees.


  • Watch experienced healthcare data professionals answer your most pressing questions about trending industry challenges and technology-driven interventions.

Event Details

Time: Wednesday, February 7th, at 11:00 EST 

Duration: 1 Hour

Participation is limited, so register today! Can’t attend in person? Register to receive a full recording of the event.

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Dana George

Lead Data Scientist at Hakkoda

Murali Gandhirajan

Healthcare and Life Sciences Field CTO at Snowflake