Hakkōda for Public Sector Data Innovation

Securely Deploy Your Data as an Asset with Tools & Capabilities Embraced by the Commercial Sector

Data is essential to improving the government’s policy making, constituent service delivery, and performance management responsibilities.

It’s time to scale high quality data with trusted access and sharing. Break down policy and service boundary silos by partnering with a modern services provider with deep expertise in the public sector. Hakkoda helps your organization establish governance and security frameworks, as well as enable the right technology to meet your goals. 

Public sector organizations are investing in data quality and security in order to make better decisions faster. Whether your organization needs to operationalize AWS or leverage the benefits of the Snowflake Government and Education Cloud, Hakkoda’s team is certified across the modern data stack and prepared to help the public sector treat data as an asset, enabling sharing, interoperability, and insight at scale.

Who We Help

Modernize Your Data Architecture

It’s time to modernize your organization’s data solutions and tools. Hakkoda’s experienced public sector team is uniquely positioned to help you take the data innovation journey. From migrating off legacy systems like Teradata, Oracle, Cloudera, or Netezza to implementing a fully capable modern tech stack, Hakkoda’s data teams can guide you through acquiring the right technologies, ensuring data quality, and managing access and security.

Streamline Operations with Accurate Eligibility Determinations

By using Hakkoda to implement the Snowflake Government and Education Cloud, you can streamline operations with accurate eligibility determinations of services to your constituents. This will also help you to combat fraudsters who take advantage of poor data management.

Hakkoda is working with Federal, State & Local, and Education agencies across the U.S. to implement modern data cloud solutions that retire outdated legacy systems and empower data science and analytics.

Take the Data Innovation Journey for Public Sector


Your agency is dependent on legacy systems that offer limited opportunities for insight, assetization, and automation. Your budget is utilized to keep the lights on with a very limited amount going to innovation.


You’ve migrated to modern technology like AWS & the Snowflake Data Cloud, unlocking the capability to leverage modern data security, pipelines, and automation.


You have a modern data architecture and technology stack that powers secure data sharing and interoperability, allowing your team to leverage your data as an asset, even across organizations.


You’ve embraced the full capabilities of the modern data stack. Leveraging the same technology as your commercial peers, you can deploy projects like AI and Data Apps to realize the full value of your data as an asset.

Discover the Right Technology to Kickstart Your Data Innovation Journey

Challenges We Can Solve Together by Assetizing Your Data

Data is essential to improving the government’s policy making, service delivery, and performance management responsibilities.

In order to realize positive impacts, data must be viewed and managed as a strategic asset. In the public sector, strong data can break down policy and services boundaries, allowing trusted access and data sharing across organizations. To enable data as an asset, the right technology stack is critical. 

Hakkōda is your partner. Let us help you get started today.