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A Regional Healthcare NGO Streamlines Patient Data

Dedicated to patient-centered care, this regional healthcare group in the United States sought to improve their data architecture, fast-track their learning process and polish their data best-practices.

Hakkoda - Data Consultancy for Not-for-profit Regional Healthcare Group - Data Consultancy


The regional healthcare network required expertise and mentorship in the implementation of a particular data warehousing methodology called Data Vault 2.0. They were also looking to merge and build a unified record of all their providers, which is known in the industry as a “master provider.” The latter is notoriously challenging, as it requires integrating data from multiple sources, alignment of present and future data governance needs, appropriate data architecture and resources, and thorough understanding of the industry.


Our team of data engineers and architects at Hakkoda leveraged their deep domain expertise in the healthcare industry to guide the regional healthcare NGO, teaching their internal to build and maintain a data architecture that eliminated data silos and created a single source of truth around patient records. With a Data Vault 2.0 design pattern, the healthcare group was able to enable users across the organization, creating secure, efficient data sharing.

Hakkoda - Data Consultancy for Not-for-profit Regional Healthcare Group - Data Consultancy

Customers who are just getting acquainted with the modern data stack not only require strategic advice, they’re also looking for ways that advice can be seen in action. They’re looking for clear use cases and applications specific to their industry. At Hakkoda, our ability to provide both is unique and adds major value to our services.

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