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Nonprofit Healthcare System in California

Treating over half a million patients a year in five hospitals and 50 outpatient facilities, this renowned non-profit healthcare network partnered with Hakkoda to solidify their data strategy and knowledge management.

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Having a structured data strategy is key to providing an efficient service. Yet this can be a challenge if the organization finds it difficult to find and retain top talent focused on analytics leadership. Aside from looking for a reliable data partner, this healthcare network also sought for Supply Chain Analytics and Human Resources (HR) Analytics.


By partnering with our team of data engineers and architects, we provided the following solutions:

  1. Provided data strategy and architecture guidance.
  2. Provided a scalable team of modern data talent to drive the transition and enable the organization 
  3. Provide ongoing support to ensure success and that the platform evolves with the organization.
Nonprofit Healthcare - Image 2 - Hakkoda

Data engineering talent is very hard to find in the current job market. It’s even harder to find talent that knows the ins-and-outs of healthcare and can orient themselves quickly to both technology and business needs. Our combination of data engineering expertise and industry depth has helped the organization maintain and increase the momentum they have generated in their modern data and analytics stack.

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