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How Transbank is Using Snowflake to Monetize Data Products and Expand its TAM



increase in TAM
faster speed to market
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full stack migration

Migrated from AWS to Snowflake.

Enabled the development and monetization of new data products inside Snowflake.

Less than a 1-month path to building data products in Snowflake.


Transbank S.A. is a Chile-based banking and financial services company that serves 85% of the market with POS, eCommerce, and recurring payment services. 

Transbank needed to migrate all of its data from AWS to Snowflake due to performance issues and inefficient processes in its existing data stack. Transbank also wanted to be able to monetize its data and build new data products within the Snowflake environment. 


Hakkoda worked with Transbank to build a Snowflake architecture from scratch while accelerating the process of putting Snowflake into production.

In less than a month, Transbank teams were able to begin building data products inside Snowflake.

Within 2 months, Transbank’s first public-facing application was already in production using Streamlit and Snowpark.

The Model

Technology Used:




Project Duration:

Client Dashboard Development (2 Months)

Ongoing Architecture (2023-2024)

"We decided on Hakkoda for two reasons. The first is because we were contracting with Snowflake as a data tool and needed expertise in a partner. The second reason is that Transbank was undergoing a digital transformation, and we also needed consultation on how to monetize our data."
Williams Faez
– Williams Faez, Transbank Chief Data Officer

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