Change can be daunting, it can be uncomfortable, it can be uncertain. As the world changes, the old ways of doing things become obsolete.

At Hakkoda we embrace that change. For us, “change” is another word for “opportunity” and every time the world changes, we see new opportunities. The opportunity to throw out the old playbook and do things differently is where we thrive.

We believe that Snowflake is a truly transformative technology that will change the world and we want to help our customers realize this.

Our founders have 150 years of combined tech and data experience and we have walked in your shoes. We did it the old way in our old jobs at other major firms. But now we’re ready to do it the new way. We created Hakkoda to invent a new way of doing things for people just like us — people like you.

We see a different way of doing tech. A different way of doing services. A different way of doing culture. And a different way of empowering our clients and our own people to be the very best versions of themselves that they can be. So they can have more fulfilling and richer experiences — both in business and in their lives.

Some might call us crazy — we really didn’t need to start Hakkoda, but we had to. We just can’t let a good opportunity go to waste, either for ourselves — or for you.


To ignite the power of data and embolden the changemakers to create a better world



Erik Duffield


Ha Hoang

COO, Co-Founder

Patrick Buell

VP of Consulting, Co-Founder

Ryan Tucker

CRO, Co-Founder

Kim Heger

Chief Talent, Culture and Wellness Warrior, Co-Founder

Bob Hardin

EVP Industry Solutions & Strategic Accounts, Co-Founder