Marketing Technology

Marketing has changed more in the last three years than the previous fifty. Build customer 360 views, power revenue growth and create data-driven campaigns with modern marketing technology.

Driving Success with Snowflake

Marketers need a single source of truth that can power data-driven decisions and deliver a clear, actionable view of their customers. Meet the cloud technology that delivers just that. Unify atomic marketing data into a single system, centralize core assets and break down silos. Allow your entire business to act on your data, from product teams to operations and privacy.

Meaningful Insights

Say goodbye to disconnected data sets. Consolidate customer, campaign and third-party data to create richer and more personalized profiles. Build your customer 360 view.

Marketing Agility

In the world of marketing, timing is key. Connect audience, content and event data to Snowflake and enable your team to quickly and easily launch campaigns without relying on data engineering teams.

Your Modern Data Partner

Creating a single source of truth for your marketing business data requires a partner with a profound knowledge of Snowflake and the modern marketing technology landscape. With in-the-seat experience modernizing marketing technology around data driven outcomes, our experienced team helps you deliver meaningful insights with digital transformation.

The Marketer’s Data Innovation Journey


Is your customer data siloed across your marketing technology stack? Are you manually moving data from point solution to point solution?


You’re centralizing all your customer and campaign data into one location. Marketers automate their processes to improve the performance of every campaign they run.


You combine your first-party data with third-party sources to establish a 360-degree view of your customers. Marketers execute highly personalised cross-channel campaigns. Analysts run multi-touch and MMM attribution reports.


You use AI and ML processes at this stage to create predictive audience segments and the next best actions for your campaigns. You monetise your audience through a data marketplace.

The world of marketing has changed more in the last three years than the previous fifty. All businesses are now digital and the digital experience is your brand. As a result, meeting the consumer's expectations is becoming rapidly more challenging. There's not a business out there that won't have to modernize to keep up.
— Lee Hammond, Marketing Data Stack Leader

Value We Create:

Customer Retention

Harnessing the power of data as a true asset can help you go beyond what’s expected. Take advantage of new information to create new revenue streams.

Reduced Costs

The democratization of customer data translated into less time building ad-hoc queries. Streamlining the marketing and sales pipeline helps optimize your execution efficiently.

More Flexibility

 With teams in the United States, Latin America and Europe, your data practice can be flexible and predictable.


From our Data Innovation Journey Mapping to our depth in leading-edge tech, we offer our clients proven experience.

Use Cases We Activate

Customer 360

Incorporate data capture, integration, and third-party data enrichment and identity resolution while ensuring security and compliance with local and international regulations.

Marketing Analytics and Sales Reporting

Your team should access data directly. Hakkoda enables marketing analytics, sales and ROI reporting for more streamlined measurements of your business.

Modern Activation & Composable CDP

Power cross-channel activations with ease while your team segments, measures, and builds personalized customer experiences with marketer-friendly tools.

Data Science and ML Products

Stay one step ahead. We’ll facilitate the predictive segmentation, personalized content generation and multi-touch attribution you need to lead your market.

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