Healthcare State of Data Report 2024: Healthcare Organizations Report an Average 124% ROI on All Data Investments According to Hakkōda

Hakkoda announces the release of its Healthcare State of Data 2024 report, which leverages insights from 145 Director to CEO level data leaders and reveals that 94% of organizations say they need to modernize their data stack this year.
March 20, 2024
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NEW YORK, March 20, 2024 – Hakkoda, a cloud data engineering consultancy specializing in Snowflake, today released its Healthcare State of Data 2024 report, surveying 145 director to CEO level data leaders from large healthcare organizations. 

The report reveals just 11.3% of healthcare organizations surpassed their financial goals in 2023. With razor thin margins, complex regulatory frameworks to navigate and continued challenges in staffing, healthcare data leaders struggle to fund their initiatives. However, these same data initiatives are consistently profitable for healthcare organizations, who report an average ROI of 124% for their data technology investments.

Among the Healthcare State of Data 2024 report findings:

  • 51% of healthcare organizations need to modernize their data stack a great deal this year 
    44% of healthcare leaders report struggling with data quality and governance
    42% of healthcare leaders report that integrating data across multiple silos is a major challenge for data management and operations at their organization
  • 25% of healthcare organizations report that they are already monetizing their data


Healthcare leaders have ambitious goals for what they intend to achieve with their data in the years ahead, but their data infrastructure tends to lag behind other industries by significant margins. 

  • Healthcare Leaders Are Ready to Implement GenAI — 34% of healthcare data leaders strongly agree that their organization has defined generative AI use cases that they are ready to implement, and just under half indicated their organizations were already dabbling with GenAI in small applications.
  • Culture Limits Data-Driven Innovation — Only 28% of healthcare leaders believe their organizations have a high rate of data literacy. When asked about their biggest obstacles around data management and operations, 46% of healthcare organizations say creating a data-driven organizational culture is their number one challenge.
  • Healthcare Needs Help with Data Modernization Only 23% of healthcare organizations currently centralize data on a primary cloud platform, but 74% plan to do so by 2025. And 84% report they need a moderate to large amount of external support to help modernize their data.

“The State of Data 2024 report shows that healthcare organizations are eager to invest in their data, but continue to face modernization challenges,” said Chris Puuri, Vice President, Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Hakkoda. “However, they do not have to carve a path to data maturity alone. To combat talent gaps, healthcare data leaders can leverage outside technical expertise and managed services, so long as those third-party advisors and service providers are well versed in healthcare’s unique needs and constraints.”

A detailed executive summary and the Healthcare State of Data 2024 report is available here

The Healthcare State of Data report was drawn from a study conducted on behalf of Hakkoda by Lawless Research in December 2023 as a blind survey of 500 director to CEO level data leaders from large organizations across major industries. 20% of respondents came from organizations with less than $500M annual revenue; 29% with $500M to $999.9M annual revenue; 37% with $1B to $9.9B annual revenue; 14% with $10B or more annual revenue.

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