Data for Breakfast Raffle - Portland

Take Your Data to the Water!

Ready to captain your own mini-yacht? Enter to win a 2 hour outing on your own private Yacht Tub for you and 5 guests! Explore Portland and the Willamette river in style. 

Your Yacht Tub experience comes with bluetooth speakers, towels at your request, a changing area for you and your guests, and a two hours cruise for up to 6 people in your own private hot tub. You must be a data for breakfast, Portland, attendee to win.

Quick Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a License?

Yacht Tubs are easy to drive with a maximum speed of 4-miles per hour. You do not need a boating license to operate your Yacht Tub. You must be 21 years of age or older. 

Can I Bring Drinks?

Food and drink are allowed on the boat and you may bring your own items. Just be aware that glass containers are not allowed for safety reasons.

How Do I Book?

You’ll need to book your Yacht Tub 48-hours or more in advance. Worried about the weather? Your Yacht Tub comes with a cover to ensure you have fun – rain or shine. 


Enter to Win!

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